Friday, April 30, 2010

Biting the Bullet

So, I have been a fan of many blogs and bloggers for awhile now, but I haven't quite been ready to jump on the bandwagon, until now. I always thought that I wouldn't be witty or entertaining enough to keep my readers interested in what I had to say. And even though those same thoughts still exist, I am going to go for it. Bite the bullet. The main reason is to have a way for our close friends and family members to keep track of us as we make the big move to from Memphis to North Carolina this summer.

John, my wonderful (and very handsome) husband, has been accepted into the Duke MBA program, which will start this August. We are so excited for this opportunity and we are so thankful for God's sovereignty and faithfulness through this process. We will miss our amazing family in Memphis, our incredible friends, and our church (Second Pres) that has richly blessed us over the past several years.

Throughout this journey, you will probably come across an assortment of blog entries ranging from daily activities, updates on our adventures in NC, things that inspire me, recent pictures, favorite recipes, and maybe even some posts about fashion and design! So bear with me, as I venture into the writing world, and hopefully we'll all have a little fun in the meantime!