Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Five: Beauty Faves

Happy Friday!
This week has been a whirlwind after coming back from the Florida Sunshine to the Snowy Northeast.  We've been cooped up mostly just watching the snow fall, and catching up on American Idol.  Is it snowing where you are?  I feel like it's snowing everywhere now!

After a week of traveling, I began to realize what my most used and most loved items are within my beauty bag.  You know, those items you just reach for over and over, because you know they look pretty darn good, and you know they get the job done.
Your comfort pieces.  Easy, and fool-proof.  Like that perfect pair of skinny jeans, or little black dress.

Well I thought I'd share just a few of my go-to beauty bag essentials with you.
These are my top 5 as of lately!  :-)

1. Nails

Essie Polish- "Bikini So Teeny"
This color has been on repeat all month, and I seriously get compliments on my nails every day when I'm wearing this color.  It's a milky periwinkle blue, ideal for spring and summer, paired with a white eyelet sundress and sunkissed skin.  BUT  it even works during these drab winter days.  It provides a perfect pop of color with my all black/gray/neutral outfits, giving that little ray of hope that the sun will shine again someday.

2. Lips

Tarte Power Pigment- "Exposed"
You know you've found a favorite lippie, when you move it around to every purse or handbag that you carry around.  I am never without this lipstick, and it's the perfect every-day, neutral color.  A great "your lips but better" shade, smooth and creamy, lasts awhile, and gives that subtle minty scent which I really enjoy.

3. Bronzer

St. Tropez Tanning Mousse
This has saved me all winter.  It's by far my favorite bronzing/tanning product I've ever tried. and a little goes a long way.  It's easy to apply, pretty darn fool-proof, and provides a natural but glowy tan.  Will repurchase this guy over and over.

4. Blush

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush- "Exposed"
Again with the Tarte, and the "Exposed" color, but this time we're talking cheeks.  This is a color that might not grab your attention while you're perusing the makeup counter, but trust me, it's a good one.  It's a natural looking dusty rose, with a hint of shimmer, but just enough to give you a natural glow.  And you can even skip the powder bronzer if you want, because this gives off a beautiful warmth to the cheeks as well.  The best part - it lasts all day.

5. Skincare

Clarisonic Brush and First Aid Beauty Cleanser
This dynamic duo has been my favorite all winter.  The Clarisonic is a cult favorite, and for good reason.  It cleans deeply, but gently, and there is never a trace of makeup left over which I love.  My skin never looks better when I'm using this brush to cleanse.  And the First Aid Beauty line is a dream - the cleanser is so mild, but effective, and I love the way it works with the Clarisonic. I don't see myself changing up this routine any time soon - such a great team!  

What standouts are in your beauty bag?
What can you not leave home without?

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lately...NYC, a New Gym, and Another "Fix"

I don't know if it's the never-ending snow, the fact that it takes 45 minutes just to get enough layers on to go to the mailbox, or that I have a teething one-year-old, but I've been in a blogging rut lately!
I just can't seem to even form words or thoughts, much less put them on paper, er, the keyboard.  

But I have lots of pictures on my iPhone (yep, not even my real camera has come off of the shelf in a few weeks), so this is really just kind of a photo dump post, and what we've been up to lately!  ;)

Please tell me y'all are in a winter funk too, and it's not just me daydreaming of sunshine, flip flops,  margaritas on the rocks, and actual WALKS outside!  UGH.  This weather is for the birds.



Well, I joined a gym!  I seriously haven't been to a real gym since college, and even that was just to do the elliptical for .5 seconds, and gab with my roommate about the cute guy lifting weights (this was of course my hubby-to-be!)  

I haven't consistently worked out since Andrew has been born, except for daily walks in the stroller, so it was time to get my booty into shape!  And I LIVE for a good class at the gym!  I joined one that is less than a mile from our house (so no excuses!), and I've been almost every single day for the past month!  I love it!  
Zumba, Spinning, Barre, and Pilates have been my favorite classes.  

A peek at the gym:

I also had to get some new cute workout clothes, well, because...... 

My favorite bras have been this and this, pants are these and these, and tanks are this and this.  

'Live In - Streamline' Reversible Mesh Inset Capris

John had a work conference in NYC last week, and he graciously invited Andrew and me to tag along :)  We didn't get to spent a whole lotta time with Daddy, but we still had a great time!  I just love the Big Apple!  It's so alive!  Even when it's freezing outside!

(our amazing hotel in Time's Square - same building as the Hershey's store - trouble!)

It was a fabulous week - filled with good friends, good food, and good shopping of course!

Oh yeah, 
I chopped my hair!  Thank you Wendy, and Liv for my new 'do!  

We celebrated Valentine's Day with homemade cards, take out Sushi, baby bow-ties, and the oh-so-romantic viewing of Gone Girl - maybe not the best movie for Valentine's Day!  ;)

And last but not least, I received my second Stitch Fix box in the mail over the weekend!  
I loved everything - it was filled with such great goodies!

A few of my pieces:

.....and an outtake- 

I ended up falling in love with the jeans, so I kept those, but returned everything else.  ONLY because I did some major shopping damage in NYC, and was low on clothing funds.  But again, I was very happy with my items, and can't wait to do another box in the spring!

Sign up for Stitch Fix here, if you haven't already!
And here's my first box review ;)

WHEW!  Well, that's about as good of a recap as I can do!
Hope y'all are staying warm, and having a great week!!

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Little Sugar for You

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope your day is filled with lots of love and laughter!
Ours will be spent snuggling inside, watching the snow fall (again),
and getting takeout and a movie :)
Exciting stuff, I tell ya!  John's still fighting a bad cold, so we'll celebrate "for real" next weekend with our 11 year old tradition of fondue!  Our fave!

Here's some sugar from our little valentine

(thank you Mimi for the precious bow-tie onesie!!) 

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