Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekend(s) Recap!

Somehow, I completely failed to post our Easter weekend on the blog, so I wanted to do a quick recap, as well as share a few more recent weekend pics!  
Easter is one of my favorite holidays - it is the beautiful reminder of God's promise, the hope we have in Him, and the sacrifice He gave to forgive our sins and give us eternal life.  It is a glorious day - and I always feel such a sense of renewal and rejuvenation this weekend.  And how good are the Easter hymns and songs - love them!  

We had a wonderful weekend, celebrating with just the 3 of us ;)  Although we of course miss our family terribly during holidays, it's really a special and sweet time we have together, making memories, and creating new traditions for us.  Times I'll never forget.

On Sunday, it was French toast for breakfast, Church (an amazing service!), and back home for Easter baskets and fun!

(of course Andrew had an Easter basket from his Mimi and Papa D!)

My little bunny and me!


This past weekend was the most beautiful one we've had yet!
And you better believe we spent about every possible second of it outside - basking in the sun, and checking out some of the parks nearby.  Andrew is finally able to actually explore a little, and he especially loves the sandbox, and digging with sticks and rocks.  He also can't get enough of the swings at the park! 

Hope y'all have had a great weekend, and a fabulous start to the new week!

Now we're off to the pediatrician for Andrew's 15 month checkup!  I'm really hoping he has put on a few lbs!  This little peanut is still in 9 month clothes!

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Our Anniversary Getaway

For our seventh (!!!) wedding anniversary this month, John and I were able to escape for a little relaxing getaway - just the two of us!  It was such a perfect weekend, and my in-laws were so gracious to keep Andrew, while we slept and ate the weekend away!  A much needed, and much awaited mini vacay.  It's just good for the soul, I tell ya!

Our B&B for the weekend!

We loved exploring our historic and quaint little town, and although it was a little cool, we had beautiful weather.

We ate delicious food, the best mac & cheese we'd both ever had!
Highly recommend Karla's and Cafe Blue Moose if you're in the Del River area!

We definitely missed our little guy, since we had both never left him before.  
But it helped to get these super-cute selfies from Papa while we were gone! ;)

We had such a great weekend - so rejuvenating and romantic  - exactly what we needed!

Happy 7 years, sweetie!  I love you more and more every single day, and am so blessed to be yours!

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Lately...New Car, New Hair, and More!

Is this really only my second blog post this month?  Eeeek!  I've totally fallen off the blog bandwagon, but I'm ready to jump back on!  I have tons of new posts lined up for the spring, and I'll kick this one off with what we've been up to lately!



We got a new car!  It's a Toyota Highlander, and we are in love!  It's our first SUV, and now I don't think I ever want to drive a sedan again :)  Love being so high up!


I reached for this book off my bookshelf last week, and I can't put it down.  It also really really really makes me want to get a dog.


These new chip/crackers are delish!  We love all the flavors we've tried, especially the BBQ.


Loving sparkling waters as always, but especially the Peach-Pear flavor for spring and summer!  So refreshingly delicious!


We are on episode 5, and this is such a funny and witty show!  Produced by Tina Fey, it has so many amazing one-liners.  Check it out if you have Netflix!


These 2 items below have been my go-to pieces for the last month or two.  Great easy and comfortable items that will transition perfectly into spring!  Highly recommend both if you can find them!

(so flattering and comfy!)

Old Navy Canvas Slip-ons
(my favorite casual shoes of the moment - I wear them with everything!)

Swooning over

Women‘s Sam & Libby Arianna Gladiator Sandals

Target Gladiator Sandals
I keep going back and forth on these....are they cute??


My new haircut!!  I chopped it, and highlighted it too.  Just needed a change - thanks Olivia for making me over!  ;)

I'm really liking it, and every day I get more and more used to styling short hair.  My favorite way to wear it is in these soft waves (created with a flat iron!)


7 years of marriage to my BEST FRIEND!  I am so incredibly thankful for this man, and I feel so lucky to be his wife.  Here's to 7x7 more years of happiness!!

This weekend was our anniversary, and we got to sneak away for a couple of days to a B&B for some delicious food and relaxation.  John's parents came to stay with Andrew, our first time leaving him! Post to come this week!

Thanks for sticking with me to the end of this post! 
Had lots to catch you up on!!

Hope you are all doing wonderful, and had a fabulous weekend as well!! :)

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