Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gift Guide - For the Hostess

We are back with another Gift Guide!  This one is all about that special host or hostess on your list!  Don't forget to always show up with something for your party-giver, whether it's big or small - they will appreciate it for sure!
I was just shopping today for a hostess gift for a holiday party we have next week.  And there are SO many cute things out there!  Anthopologie, Target, and Williams Sonoma are a few of my go-to places for hostess shopping.

And some of my favorite gifts to give (and receive!) are bar tools, candles, or festive cocktail napkins.  Also a bottle of wine is NEVER turned away ;)

Here are a few of my ideas, and of course the links are below too!

Gift Guide- For the Hostess

1- I absolutely love this marble coaster set, and the price too!
2- boxwood wreaths are always in style and so festive :)

3- a marble and gold cheese knife set? yes please! 
4- these espresso (or anything!) mugs are so cool. and on sale! 
5- awesome deal on this personalized wine bottle stopper. love the gold! 
6- a "wake me up" face mask, for the morning after the party!  
7- hello, prettiest cake stand ever! perfect for those holiday treats! 
8- these very popular candles aren't cheap, but split them up for 3 very special gifts!
9- you can never go wrong with a monogrammed kitchen towel.
10- these gold-dipped votive holders (set of 12) are so chic!  they're on my list!
11- you can put these fabulous gold stickers on anything. such a cool idea!  

Have you received a memorable hostess gift?  One of my favorites was a beautiful frame to fill later with a picture of the party we were having! 

Be sure to check out my Gift Guide - For the Girls!  

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Gift Guide - For the Gals

happy holidays, friends!

it's that time of year again where everyone is hustling and bustling to pick out the perfect gift for their loved ones, and celebrating all that our family and friends have meant to us during the year.  I absolutely love shopping for my crew, and watching them open up the gifts that I know will make them feel so special and loved. 

Now of course this isn't my favorite part of Christmas, it's just a special highlight.  The joy and expectancy of the season, the birth of our Savior, far outweighs the joy of unwrapping a coveted pair of boots or earrings.  It is a time to reflect the goodness, grace and love of our God, and the holy night he sent his precious Son down to Earth. So let us rejoice and praise Him first and foremost this season!

Every year, however, I very much look forward to sharing some of my favorite things to give and receive during this special time, and I love putting these little gift guides together for the blog!   How wonderful is it to give a gift you know your loved ones will absolutely adore?  

Here's my guide for all the gals in your life :)  

Gift Guide- For Her

1- my favorite candle brand - in a pretty trio!
2- love a good lip gloss set!  can also split up for 3 gifts! 
3- this barefoot dreams set is equally comfy and adorable  
4- I clearly have a thing for barefoot dreams... these socks look incredible 
5- who wouldn't love a pair of glamorous earrings?!
6- these slip-ons are on my wish list! a classic and chic sneaker style :)
7- the most adorable catch-all dish
8- this thermos is on my list every year - it's so cute!
9- these studs are simple and easy, but add a bit of sparkle, too 
10- a luxurious and pretty hand cream - something she won't buy for herself 
11- for the "girl on the go" :) love this cheeky notebook 
12- pom pom hats are kinda my favorite - love this one 

do you have a go-to gift for the gals in your life?

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ellie's Baptism

Last Sunday, we had the great blessing of baptizing our sweet Ellie.  It was a precious and wonderful day.
Filled with beautiful people, meaningful words and of course a few {happy} mama tears.
Ellie was a complete angel, wearing the gown that all 4 of her girl cousins have worn before her, made by John's talented mother.  She was quiet as a mouse as her grandfather sprinkled the water over her, signifying the most meaningful covenant promise we are given as children of God.

It was a day that will be forever one of my favorites.
We love you darling girl.  More that you can even imagine or dream.
Higher than the moon and the stars.  Deeper then the deepest oceans and seas.
And the best part of that God loves you even more.
Even higher, even deeper, even beyond those wildest dreams.
My prayer is that you know, feel, and cherish that love from your earliest of days, and every day after that.
Because it is truly the greatest love of all.

{beautiful cookies by my dear friend Sarah! Didi's Fancy Cookies}

"...Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. Instead, they set it on a lampstand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds 
and glorify your Father in heaven."

 Matthew 5:15-16

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekend Festivities - Zoo Trip, S'mores, and New Furniture!

Raise your hand if you're exhausted!  
What a weekend!  Between the time change and just a busy busy schedule, I'm officially already counting the minutes until Friday.  And I kinda want tomorrow (election day) to just accidentally not happen. Can we just skip to Wednesday?  
Is that possible?
Now - onto our weekend recap!
Friday, I promised Andrew that I'd take him to the Zoo, because he's done such a great job with potty training!  I LOVE the Memphis Zoo.  If you're in the area, or passing through, it is a must-see.  It's so shaded, there are tons of awesome exhibits and shows, not to mention the 20 million dollar hippo exhibit that just opened!  

The kids had a blast in the 70 degree weather that we had (praise hands!), and Ellie is finally big enough to sit in the double stroller seats, instead of the car seat adapter.  I LOVE this double stroller by the way (it's this one).  

Speaking of animals, 
since the weather has gotten a little cooler, I brought out some of Andrew's old hats, and I had to make this side-by-side comparison of my two wittle mice ;)
(Andrew 6 months, Ellie 12 months)

Saturday, we shopped around for new furniture (see below), and I ran some more errands while John worked on our dining room table.  (also see below.)

Later, our dear friends came over to play and grill out!  It was perfect weather, and we had such a great time.  We even brought out our fire-pit for some s'more making!  It was Andrew's first s'more and he was definitely a fan!  (note the Halloween costume is still being worn on the daily ;))

Sunday morning came very early ;)  But I can't complain too much.  The kids woke up around 6:30am, which actually gave us more time to make our 8:15am church service on time.  Well sorta on time.  We just can't ever get out of the house on Sunday morning!

While the kids napped, I made a Crockpot Beef Stew - and it was delicious.  Perfect for these cooler temperatures, and who doesn't love a crock pot meal?  
Here's the recipe :)

We also set up our dining room chairs!  We got 8 of them, and plan on getting 2 more chairs that will go on the ends of the table.  Looking for similar ones, but with arm rests...
Now all we need is our table!  

Which hubby (and Andrew) are working on!!  The end is in sight!!

This is the base below, and the top is done as well!  
I'll be finishing and staining over the next 2 weeks, and then John will attach the top and base.
Just in time to host Thanksgiving!  I hope ;)  We're cutting it a little close!  

(for those of y'all wondering, it's an Ana White design, although John combined a few plans to make this custom one.  There's a similar table at Restoration Hardware too.)

And before I take down my Halloween/Fall decor, here's a quick shot of my mantle!  
Has anyone started decorating for Christmas? 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
I'm off to watch the first episode of "The Crown" and do a few loads of laundry while Ellie naps...
 has anyone else watched it??

Image result for netflix the crown

Ok, before I go.
I won't say much about my thoughts on tomorrow except for this....
the one thing that gives me hope.

God is greater.  He is King.  He has always been, and forever will be.  
No matter what, we can put our hope, faith, and trust in Him. 
Leaders will come and go, but ONE thing remains, and that is God.
We will pray for our country, our leaders, and our neighbors,
 loving them even when they seem un-lovable.  
Because that's what we are called to do.  

Love you ALL.

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