Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ellie - 7 Months

Dear Baby Girl,
It's July 18.  You are sleeping upstairs in your pack and play, surrounded by about 10 lovey blankets.  Big bro, Andrew is sleeping too, in the next room over.  It's really an epic accomplishment getting you two down for a nap at the same time!  So here I am, writing your 7 month blog post.  I have about 45 minutes before one of your sweet voices beckons me to come relieve you from your napping posts.  In that 45 minutes, I must complete this blog post, throw in a load of laundry, clean the playroom, write a few emails, call the bank, call Mimi (it's her birthday!), load the car with 3 goodwill bags, and maybe brush my hair for the first time today.  As you can see, the brushing of hair will be last priority.  So I better get to writing this blog post.  I now have 42 minutes. 
Oh, and I forgot to mention.  You're currently 8 months, almost 9 months old.  Yep.  That's just life right now.  We are a little bit behind.  I did, however, take these pictures at 7 months old.  So there's a small victory we can celebrate!
Ok....7 months. 
Let's take a look atcha.
Ellie - you are such a curious little cat.  Your eyes are constantly following whoever is in the room - and you are scooting around as fast as you can to find an object to put in your mouth. 
This month we took you to the lake for the first time!  Your Daddy couldn't wait to show you kiddos his favorite childhood place - and you ended up being a big fan of the lake too!  Well, more so the $6 inflatable baby pool we had on the edge of the lake!  Baby steps ;)
The water is your best friend, and you could sit in it and play with it all day long.  You got to go on your first boat ride!  Big brother Andrew was captain, and I've never seen him smile so big as he did behind the wheel that day :)
This month you also:
Took a road trip to Nashville!
Met Uncle David, Aunt Christina, Laila and Maddie
Met Miss Aubrey, Mr. Matt and kiddos
Celebrated birthdays of cousins and friends
Took lots of naps with Mama
Swam with Gigi
Helped Mama with laundry
And spent lots and lots of time "playing" in the playroom with big brother
The two pictures above are great examples of 2 of your new favorite hobbies:
Putting things in your mouth & reaching for any object you can!  You're kinda a pro at both already :)

Knock knock...who's there?
July 19th.
Yep. Someone's little voice beckoned me before I could finish the post!
And here I am another day later, another nap time later...and I'm typing just as furiously as my manicure-needing fingers can possibly go. 
Ok where were we...

Things you love: 
Finally drinking out of a sippy cup
"Scooting" across the floor with 2 arms! 
Your exersaucer
Aden and Anais security blankets (we have 6!)
Bananas, applesauce, and green beans
Looking at other babies and kiddos  
Things you don't love: 
Diaper rashes
Sleeping through the night
(there have been a few times, but not consistently)

16lbs 4oz 
27 inches long 
Sleep: 2 naps a day (you dropped one!); 12 hours (+ 1 feed) in the night.

Happy 7 months little love!  You are our favorite little squish!
Now it's time for this Mama to get a little workout in eat an entire bag of cookies without judgment or tiny sticky hands reaching in.... before you two littles wake up!  ;)


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