Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Recap - Philly, Friends, and the Fair

Is it really Monday already?!  
Hope y'all had a great weekend - it was a warm (but beautiful!) one here in Princeton! 
A busy one for us too, we had a great visit with old friends that came down from NYC :)

Friday afternoon I had to go into Philadelphia for a few doctor's appointments.  
John kept the baby at home, which was so wonderful.   
I actually felt like it was a little vacay for me - haha!  

pretty Philly skyline!

my favorite road trip drink - Iced Coffee from McDonald's!

I took advantage of some alone time, and brought a book to read while waiting for the doctors.  It was the first time I actually enjoyed spending time in the dreaded waiting rooms!  
I started this book, and I'm loving it so far!  Great historical fiction. 

Saturday, we had our dear friends from Duke Business School come down from NYC!  
Becca, Gary, and their sweetie pie, Emma :) 
It was so wonderful to see them and catch up!  And they got to meet Andrew for the first time!
Lunch at Olives in downtown Princeton 

this girl loves her Mama!

P.S. Just started wearing the ERGO, and it is the BEST!  So sturdy and comfortable, and Andrew loves it too!  

After lunch, we headed out to a local park where they were having an early 4th of July festival

Displaying Princeton-7.jpg

Sunday was Church, yoga, a nap (for baby AND mama), and our usual family walk :)
I just love Sundays!

This was the first time to use the BOB stroller without the carseat - our little baby is growing up!  
(sniff sniff)

We've been having fresh berries and fruit every night for dessert - and I'm obsessed!  
I think I ate a 1/2 of a Watermelon (by myself!) this weekend!

That's all folks!  
Working on a few fun posts this week (healthy snacks, June Favorites, and Baby Essentials), so be sure to check back!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Recap and a 1/2 Birthday!

Happy Monday!
Hope y'all had a great weekend!  It was another beautiful one here, and we had a lot of fun :)

I spent Friday afternoon going my happy place - Target!
And ours has a Starbucks inside - which makes it even happier!  

As you can see on the bottom of the cart - we tried out the Peach-Pear La Croix for the first time...

and let's just say, we've already finished the case!  Sooooo yummy and refreshing!  Love the peach flavor!  I think we'll try the grapefruit flavor next!

Also, Target is now carrying the Honest Company, which is very exciting!  I love several of their baby and household items!  

John had dinner with some of his buddies Friday night, so the baby and I had cereal for dinner and then watched some mindless TV :) 
Does anyone else have cereal for dinner when no one else is around?!

Saturday was my favorite breakfast....

(almond milk, granola, banana, honey, cinnamon, and chia seeds)

(love Chia seeds - I've been putting them in everything!)

...and a little family devotion, along with my morning hot lemon water!

The rest of the day was spent visiting friends with a new baby, doing a 2-mile hike, pizza for dinner, and 

SQUASH! for the little man :)  
This was his first real food!

I think he preferred his toes, though...

Sunday was church, and then I spent the day baking! 
Today is Andrew's 6 month birthday - so we celebrated the big milestone last night!  :)

We really had the best time - it is crazy how fast time flies!  
Feels like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital on Christmas Day!

(cant believe he was wearing preemie clothes!)

And now he is 6 months old!  So bittersweet!
I already miss those days when he was falling asleep on my chest, and making those cute little baby grunts in his sleep.  And his first smile - oh here I go getting weepy.

Back to celebrating!

Of course, I made the cake for Andrew to see...not eat :)
John thought I was crazy...but any excuse to bake a cake, right!?  

Feeling so blessed!  

Hope y'all had a great weekend, too!

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Five

1. Summer Nails
Pop of Spring
top - 1,2,3,4,5
bottom - 1,2,3,4,5

Some of my favorite nail colors right now - loving the bold pops of color, and these look extra pretty with a tan!  top 1 is on my toes right now!
(My current favorite way to get that tan!)

2.  Homemade Pizza

John and I have been making homemade pizza on a regular (almost daily) basis lately! We make 3 pizza doughs at a time and a big thing of sauce for the week. Once you have that, it's so quick and easy to whip up! Our favorite toppings are prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and red peppers.

3. Frozen Grapes

Frozen Seedless Grapes

My newest guilt-free summer treat! I wasn't sure I would like these, but I froze a batch the other day, sat down for an episode of "London Calling" (who's with me?!), and before you knew it, I had eaten the entire bowl! They are sweet, refreshing, and so yummy! You must try these ASAP!

4. Scandalous

I sailed through season 3 of Scandal on Netflix this month and just watched the last episode yesterday (nail biter OMG!) so I need a new show!

Pretty Little Liars?
Orange is the New Black?
Suggestions are welcome! ;)

5. Gigi New York

These are all around the blog world right now, and I just LOVE them!  The All-in-one Clutch and Embossed Teddie Tote  are two I specifically have my eye on.  Thanks to Natalie, you can get 25% off the Teddie this month!

John surprised me with this gorgeous fancy (big girl) bag for my birthday last month....

Current Image

and I am absolutely in LOVE!  So for now I'll just swoon over the Gigi's :)

Happy Weekend dolls!!
Ours is consisting of a trip to the Farmer's Market, dinner out for yummy Mexican food, and lots of walks and pool time :)  And MAYBE a trip to Ikea to get this high chair!  Andrew starts real solids this weekend!

IKEA Highchairs

For more "Five on Friday", click below!

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