Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March Favorites - Kid Edition

Hey gang!
Y'all know how I love my monthly favorites!  But this month, I'm changing it up a little bit, and I'm doing a "Kid Edition"
 - so this one is for all the lil ones!  
Or all the big ones paying for things for the lil ones ;)

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For some reason, Andrew (3) recently decided he was terrified of baths.  Which is not very convenient when you have a toddler who loves playing outside and dipping his hands in ketchup to make "hand prints" on his plate at dinner.  So I explored the bath toy section at Target recently, thinking of ways to make bath time more fun, and I came across these.  
And they have been a game changer.  Andrew doesn't want to get out of the bath now!  They are tiny tablets that go directly into the bath water and magically make the water blue, red, yellow, green, orange, or purple (depending on the tablet or combination of tablets).  They are so much fun, and the kids love picking out the colors and watching them sizzle in the bath, revealing a bright new hue for their water!  

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Another water toy!  I've talked about these before in THIS post.  They are reusable notebooks filled with magic paper that turns colors when you write on it with the water-filled pen.  There are so many kinds to choose from...we love the ABC's one to work on tracing and learning our letters!  
These are fabulous for car trips, waiting rooms, grocery carts, restaurants, wherever! 
And they are completely mess-free! 

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Ok, this is my favorite favorite of the month!  Andrew actually got this as a gift 2 years ago, but we waited to give it to him when we knew he would really be into it.  Its a handmade fabric Busy Bible, that provides Scripture verses and interactive Bible stories for tiny hands.  I love how it helps Andrew learn about the Bible in a way that he can understand, and it provides a great teaching opportunity for me too!  This would be a great baby gift, baptism gift, or a gift for the toddler who is just starting to sit through the service at Church - we are making that transition soon.  It is a little pricey for a book, but the fact that it is handmade, and simply beautiful, makes it a cherished and beloved item in my eyes.  

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Chobani Greek Yogurt Tubes 

We have loved these yogurt tubes for years, BUT we have recently found a new way (Thanks Lauren!) to enjoy them!  Freeze them, and they become yogurt Popsicle!  As I type this out, I realize it says right there on the package "freezable", but I somehow never noticed that until now.  
Anyway, the kiddos LOVE this "new treat", and it's a guilt-free, healthy alternative to the typical Popsicle or ice cream dessert.  Great for the warmer months especially! 
*After you take them out of the freezer, just let them thaw for 5 minutes, so they are not hard as a rock.  We cut Ellie's up into little pieces, and for Andrew, we just cut/pull the wrapper down halfway, to eat like a Popsicle :) 

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Mickey Mouse Veggie Chips

Another yummy snack.  We are going to Disney World next month, so I'm becoming that mom who needs everything to suddenly be Mickey Mouse themed.  These cute chips are yummy and fun, and are getting everyone me so excited about our upcoming trip!  They are pretty much just like the beloved Veggie Straws - just in Mickey form ;)

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This is Ellie's favorite of the month :)  She got this toy for her 1st birthday, and it has become such a fun little pal for her!  He sings songs, can be dragged around by the handle (or ears), and teaches letters when you press the alphabet buttons.  It's a great little toy - especially for ages 1-2! 

Image result for babiators

These are the best sunglasses!  They are indestructible, cute, comfortable, AND the company will send you a replacement pair if lost!  (I think you just pay for shipping.)  Ellie loves her, and Andrew will be getting a blue pair in his Easter basket this year!  

*Here's Ellie rocking her Babiators, and Andrew rocking his Batman mask 
on our walk yesterday!*

Do you have any kid-approved things you're loving lately?
Do share! :)

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