Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5 Years, and a Second Honeymoon

5 years ago this month, John and I were staring down at the new rings on our fingers, and reminiscing about our wedding that had taken place just hours before.  We were in absolute heaven, wedded bliss, and then hopped on a plane to begin the most magical honeymoon we could ever dream of....

Let's take a look back shall we?

{look familiar?  this is where the movie "The Heartbreak Kid" with Ben Stiller was filmed!}

{the view from the duvet}


{exploring the town of Cabo for the day}

{yep, that's us, poolside with Hilary Swank!}

{our balcony}

Whenever I am sad, or lonely, or it's cold and rainy, I literally just scroll through these pictures, (and the 200 others from the trip) to bring me back to that amazing week.

And as we celebrate the 5th anniversary of our incredible wedding and honeymoon, we are again going to be staring down at our rings (a little bit worn in now), reminiscing about the last 5 years (filled with 2 big moves, 3 new jobs, and many amazing memories), and boarding another plane back to our honeymoon destination.  

And I simply have to pinch myself: we have just booked our anniversary trip back to the stunning Esperanza Resort!  I am so looking forward to spending time with my love, sipping on mojitos, and basking in the sun for a solid week.  No TV, no phones (ok maybe for Instagram), and no work. 

counting. the. minutes.  just 56,000 to go. 
(thats 39 days if you were trying to do the math in your head)

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Chelsea said...

Happy Anniversary!! And hey there bikini bod ;), hottie!
Love you both very much