Thursday, September 23, 2010

Road Trip!

Sorry for my lack of posts! I left Tuesday to visit friends in Charlotte, and then Atlanta. It was a quick trip, and kind of spur of the moment (which is always fun!) and I had a blast!

Bright and early - on the road, hazelnut iced coffee in hand,
lots of good tunes getting me through the drive :)
First stop - Charlotte, NC to visit my dear friend MW, and her precious new pup, Mazie! MW and I met in college and then we both lived in Memphis for a few years after school. She now is in school in Charlotte, which is just 2 hours from me! It was soo great to catch up and we enjoyed a delicious lunch together.

Next stop, the Atlanta, GA airport to say farewell to sweet Mimi, Syman, and baby L, as they departed the US of A for the UK. We had a wonderful dinner with Mimi's family and then said our goodbyes, as they headed to their terminal. It was such a sweet time together (we missed you Molly!) and we can't wait to come visit London!

How cute is she??!! She was alll smiles, alll the time. Precious.

Wednesday morning was full of lots of relaxing, pizza for lunch, manicures, catching up on recorded shows (Biggest Loser and DWTS), more relaxing, and enjoying the sunshine outside.
(Love my nail color - like a muddy, brown color).
Then it was dinner with the girls - mexican of course!
My $12 margarita...yikes.
After dinner, we rented "The Killers"
and then had a slumber party at Ellen's house.
I had SUCH a great time -- thanks girls for letting me come at the last minute!

The car ride home wasn't too shabby, especially with
a little bit of this....
and this....
They have MINI blizzards cute! And they're so tiny, they really don't even count, right?!



Audrey said...

I am a little nervous about the fact that you have your blizzard in one hand and clearly your camera or phone in the other and you're clearly ON THE INTERSTATE. ;)

Emily said...

hahaha - i won't make it a habit i swear - i just had to document the blizzard before it was gone (3 bites later!)

Anonymous said...


Aubrey said...

HAHA I KNOW!!!!!!!! i LOVE the minis!!! soo cute and hit the spot! love your posts!