Tuesday, July 31, 2012

European Adventure - Prague

We got to the gorgeous and picturesque city of Prague after a 4 hour bus ride from Munich.  The bus was actually very comfortable - one of those 2-story, plush seats, overhead TV's kind of buses, so it wasn't bad at all.  We arrived in the afternoon and immediately fell in LOVE.  Our hotel was pretty close to Old Town - or the center of the city, so we wandered around and made our way up to Wenceslas square and the main shopping street.

Our walk was cut short by a nasty thunderstorm, so we made our way back home, changed, and got ready for a dinner out with some of our fellow traveling friends - you might remember Lindsay and Demetri from Paris!  We had a wonderful authentic meal at a local restaurant, where we had $1.50 beers, and got to watch the Euro Cup game of Germany vs. Prague!

Photo: Cheers!

The next day, we grabbed the yummiest breakfast at Bohemia Bagel, before meeting up in the Old Town Square for a FREE 3 hour city tour!  Our guide was born and raised in Prague, very knowledgeable and extremely passionate his hometown.  It was a wonderful tour, and we got to see almost the entire city!

Highlights included:

Old Town Square
Astronomical Clock
Spanish Synagogue
St. Nicolaus Church
The Powder Tower
and AMAZING views of the Vltava River

After the tour, we made our way across the famous Charles Bridge, where we got the BEST views of the city.  We walked all the way across, stopping to admire street artists, vendors, and musical entertainment.  

Photo: Beautiful day in Prague! http://instagr.am/p/LqeQpEBtyp/

Next up, was the Castle Quarter, the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Royal Palace, and the St. George Basilica.  We LOVED the Cathedral, and probably wouldn't recommend seeing the other sights.
The Golden Lane had just been re-opened, and we really enjoyed walking through the streets filled with the homes of the tradesmen and craftsmen, as they would have been during the time when the Castle was up and running with the Hasburg family.

That evening, we decided to take the Prague dinner and riverboat cruise down the Vltava river.  The scenery was amazing and it was the most beautiful night.  Although the food could have been better, we enjoyed the evening so much, and were happy to leave Prague with such a wonderful memory. 

We absolutely LOVED Prague!

Next up from our European Adventure - Budapest!


MegMc said...

What a trip down memory lane :) Charles Bridge is where Josh and I got engaged! Looks like you had a wonderful trip!


hello there!!!I just found your blog, i am originally from Prague but now moved to milan
you even have my house on pictures!im glad you enjoyed your trip!:)

Meg {henninglove} said...

prague was one of my favorite cities to visit in europe. looks like you had a great time there and i was kinda glad that emily went there as the bachelorette so i could visit through her date.

emily fitzgerald said...

when i lived in prague, i ate at bohemia bagel, like, 5 times a week. haha. such a trip down memory lane!!

looks like you guys had a fabulous time! xox

Glitterista said...

Prague is a city I'd love to visit someday! Looks like such a fabulous time. :)