Sunday, April 14, 2013

Straight Hair, No Problem!

I've always wanted straight hair.  Ever since I was little, I have always been envious of those girls with the sleek, straight hair (from Kelly Kapowski to Gwenyth Paltrow).  But God gave me curls, and waves, and the in between stuff that is just completely unmanageable.  

So when flat irons came around, I was finally in hair heaven.   And last month, when Misikko, contacted me about receiving and reviewing one of their best straighteners, I was over the moon!

The packaging was amazing!

Besides the flat iron, it came with a case, brush, heat pad, eye lash curlers, bath soaps, makeup brushes, and more!

And being a southern girl, I of course really appreciated this thank you note :)

So I tried this beauty out!  And I was very impressed!

before and after:

-This iron gets very hot, very fast.
-The high heat makes straightening easy and quick.
-I love how the cord moves and rotates with the iron.
-This gets my frizzy, wavy hair VERY straight with little effort.

-The plates are just a little rough, not quite as smooth as my Chi, but they do grab my hair quite easily.
-This isn't really a con, but due to the high heat, you have to be much more aware of where your hands/fingers are so not to get burned. 
-Also, because of the heat, which can get to 450 degrees (!!), you must use a heat protector in your hair.

I even tried out a wavier style with the iron, and it worked great!
Overall, I am super excited about the Hana Pro Iron, and it has definitely made me move all my other flat irons into the closet  =)  

More Professional Hair Straighteners and products = Misikko
Find out more = Hana Salon

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preppylove said...

Your hair looks great!!

Caitlin C. said...

Your hair looks gorgeouuuus!