Monday, July 22, 2013

Strollin' with my Homies

Y'all, I have to be honest.  
I'm not a jogger.  I did run a 1/2 marathon a few years ago, and it was the worst day of my life. 
I'm only slightly kidding.

But getting ready for baby makes me want to immediately jump on this "jogging stroller" bandwagon...and start jogging!  I know I could technically just walk little baby around with this stroller (I'm a mean power walker), so I'm hunting around for the best one out there!

For those mommies/aunts/nannies etc. who have used and loved jogging strollers - I need your help!  

Thoughts on the ones below??   These are the top 3 contenders.   
(Let me know if I'm missing one!)

OK, now how cute is this?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions/opinions!

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Tamara Gerber said...

Hi Emily, can the baby lie in those strollers? In other words, can you "flatten" the seat for those first months when it can't sit up yet?
Will you use this stroller for jogging / walking?
For the first year I hardly ever used the car for groceries shopping, so I was glad I had some space in the stroller to store my things. Not only my things, btw. Also the diaper bag ;-)

Tamara Gerber said...

I wanted to say "for jogging / walking ONLY?"

Molly said...

We have a BOB and LOVE it! I've tried several other kinds and none compare to the smooth ride. I'm with you on the jogging thing. The BOB is great as a walking stroller too ;)

Chelsea said...

We love our Bob :):)

Heidi said...

Bob for sure! I always used it for the kiddos I nanny for. :)

The Rohman Family said...

Love our BOB and upgraded to the double BOB after we had our 2nd. You will not be disappointed, whether you use it for a jog, a walk around the block, or a stroll through the mall.

Erin said...

We have the BOB and love it! It is pricey but so worth it. You can also get a carseat adapter for when the little one is still too little to sit in the seat. Unfortunately, you can't actually jog with the adapter can still walk with it, though