Saturday, October 12, 2013

Maternity Pictures!

When John and I were home for my Florida baby shower, we decided to take our maternity pictures, and it was a day I'll never forget!   I've always day-dreamed of taking these photos, wondering where we'd be, how I'd look, if we would know the gender, and how excited we would be. 
And it was truly magical - better than any dream I could have imagined!

The lovely and talented Taylor Ford was our photographer, and one of my very best childhood friends, John Dye assisted with the pictures and makeup, making me feel and look beautiful :)
We took the pictures at the Gulf Coast National Seashore, just a few minutes from where I grew up, and it was such an amazing spot.  The lighting was amazing, and I loved the different elements of nature and beauty around us.  I woke up feeling amazing, and we had the BEST time taking these pictures.

There was a little hiccup though - as I stood in some of this tall grass barefoot, I felt a little burning on my feet, looked down, and it looked like I was wearing red boots.  Fire ants covered my feet, and I ended up having about 40 bites.  NOT fun, but definitely worth it ;)

...and last but not least, the love of my life!  He got his own little photo shoot!
Isn't he a dreamboat?!  ;)

Thank you so much again to Taylor and John D - you made this day so special - thank you for celebrating with us, and capturing our love for each other and our sweet baby so perfectly.  

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Em Elle Dub said...

Emily, these pictures are gorgeous! Pregnancy looks amazing on you. And John's photo shoot isn't too shabby either. Love that you called him a dreamboat! Y'all are too cute! Hugs to you and tell John I said hey!

Em Elle Dub said...

Oh and I put a link to your blog from mine under "blogs I follow" - hope you don't mind. I just want to share it because I love it! Xo!

megan said...

Gorgeous momma!

Tamara Gerber said...

As you were saying... MAGICAL :-)
Very nice pictures and memorable moments for sure. Soak them up!

Katie said...

Such a beauty! You will cherish those pics forever. I cannot believe the ant bites...what a trooper! Miss you!!

Eloquently Emily said...

LOVE y'all pictures! They look amazing and you look gorgeous! Can't believe how close it is getting! Hope yall had a great weekend!

Caitlin C. said...

BEAUTIFUL photos!!! You are a supermodel!

Jayme and Mendi said...

These pictures are so beautiful!! You are glowing girl!!!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Nat said...

Gorgeous!! You both look great!

Kristen said...

These are absolutely gorgeous Emily!! You are glowing :)