Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Maternity Must-Haves

Well - better late, than never right?  I'm 39 weeks, and I've been thinking a lot about the last 9 months lately!  I've honestly had the most wonderful pregnancy, and I know I'll look back at the year with such gratitude and joy.  And nothing but wonderful memories.

I do want to finally share some of my pregnancy must-haves with all you mommies-to-be!  Or for future mommies-to-be, to bookmark for later!  ;)

There were lots of things that helped me get through pregnancy, and from the list below, you can see it's all about comfort and feeling as much like yourself as you can.
Embracing your growing body, being confident, and enjoying this exciting transition!
Maternity Must-Haves
1- Cozy Cardigans: I stocked up on Forever 21 cozy cardigans (one size up), that  I could wear throughout the pregnancy, with maternity tanks.  And I'll be able to wear them after baby too!  
2- Yummy Body Wash: Baths are discouraged during pregnancy, because you don't want to get your body temperature too I've loved pampering myself to yummy body washes, lotions, and candles during my morning/nighttime routines. 
3- Pretty Bralettes : I got a few of these pretties on sale at VS, and they have been the perfect combination of comfort and them for sleeping, and when the ta-ta's are quite sore at the beginning.
4- Maternity Tanks: I LIVE in these, and own probably 5 or 6 of them.  They don't scream "maternity", and wash and wear so well.  So comfortable.
5- Comfy Slippers: Speaking of comfort, my little piggie toes don't like boots, or shoes, or flats.  So I basically wear these 24/7.  These or Uggs, yep, I'm that girl.
6- Nude Eyeliner: This is magic.  From restless nights, to face puffiness, my face has seen better days.  This nude eyeliner (placed on the lower waterline) instantly freshens and revitalizes, making your face look bright and awake.  Will be great for after baby too :)
7- For the Tum Tum:  I have dealt with some pretty nasty heart burn/acid reflux, so these bad boys are basically my best friend.  Assorted berry flavor is my jam.
8- Palmer's Lotion: Now, I have had a couple stretch marks creep up over the last 2 weeks, so I can't promise this will keep them away.  But it is very moisturizing, smells yummy, and feels so good on your stretching, itching, and growing belly.
9-  Luxe Leggings: These are not maternity, but I have worn them almost the entire 9 months.  They suck you in, and make you feel firm and tight, even though you know the truth of what's going on underneath. Pricey, but worth it. Love.
10- Dry Shampoo: What would I do without this?  Blow-drying my hair might be my least favorite thing in the world, especially while pregnant, so this is a life-saver.  Adds the perfect amount of texture, and soaks up oil like magic.  
11- Extra Pillow: I didn't get the body pillows made for pregnancy, but I would recommend an extra pillow (or 2) to wedge underneath your growing belly for sleeping.  And one in between my legs made my hips/back feel great too.
12- Stomach Settler: I did have some nausea during the first trimester, so I went through ginger ale (mostly diet) like it was my job.  It truly made a big difference - ginger is known for helping stomach uneasiness!

I'm sure I'm missing a lot, but these are some of my must-haves.  
What were some of your must-haves?  Hope this helps!

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Molly Witherington said...

This is a great list! Now, if you're planning on nursing, go to Target and stock up on the Gillian O'Malley nursing tanks. And if you have to pump, snap some little holes in them and pop those pump horns in and you can pump hands-free while you blog! Emily, I will say a prayer that your delivery goes smoothly and you have a healthy baby boy! xoxo