Thursday, April 9, 2015

Our Anniversary Getaway

For our seventh (!!!) wedding anniversary this month, John and I were able to escape for a little relaxing getaway - just the two of us!  It was such a perfect weekend, and my in-laws were so gracious to keep Andrew, while we slept and ate the weekend away!  A much needed, and much awaited mini vacay.  It's just good for the soul, I tell ya!

Our B&B for the weekend!

We loved exploring our historic and quaint little town, and although it was a little cool, we had beautiful weather.

We ate delicious food, the best mac & cheese we'd both ever had!
Highly recommend Karla's and Cafe Blue Moose if you're in the Del River area!

We definitely missed our little guy, since we had both never left him before.  
But it helped to get these super-cute selfies from Papa while we were gone! ;)

We had such a great weekend - so rejuvenating and romantic  - exactly what we needed!

Happy 7 years, sweetie!  I love you more and more every single day, and am so blessed to be yours!

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BLovedBoston said...

What a wonderful escape! You guys are just the cutest couple! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

Christina Sotherden said...

Seven years, you go lady!! It looks like you guys had the best weekend away to yourselves and that Andrew had a pretty good little weekend himself!