Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ellie - 3 Months

Dear Baby Girl,
How can someone so tiny and new, bring so much joy and life into our family?
What a beautiful and wonderful addition you have been, like a missing puzzle piece that has been found and perfectly placed in our family picture. 
This month you are just the most bright eyed and bushy tailed baby.  Taking in the all the sounds, lights, and shapes before you, your favorite entertainment being your big brother.  If you make eye contact with him - it immediately brings a giant smile to your face.  He lights up your world! 
You are so content and sweet. You hardly cry unless it's feeding or sleeping time.  You are easy going and you have really adjusted well to our big move!  Sleeping is not yet can't decide whether you want to sleep through the night or hang out with Mommy like a night owl!  Hopefully you'll make your mind up soon, and it won't be the "hanging out with Mommy" option ;)
You are so expressive; we could stare at you all day as you ponder and react to the world around you.  On the day that Andrew met you, the day after you were born, the first words out of his mouth when he saw you, were "baby's eyebrows!"  He could already tell how expressive you were, so we casually have nick-named you "Eyebrows" ever since.   Just check them out!
Things you love: 
Singing with Daddy
"Talking" to whoever will listen
Looking up at Andrew
Your swings (Fisher Price and Mamaroo)
Your "Ellie" doll lovey
Being swaddled (your miracle blanket!)
Taking a bath


Things you don't love: 
Your first cold :(
The nasal aspirator

13 lbs 

23 inches long 
We love you sweet girl!
Happy 3 months!

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Annie said...

Emily, she is seriously so cute!!! I can't get over her expressions!

Ally Harding said...

Her eyebrows are the best! She's so cute and it's wonderful how she completes your family!

Luciana Saunders said...

Oh God... I can't help don't smile while seeing your baby pics...she is so cute and how she express well her feelings already! Happy 3months little girl! I'm definitely going to follow your blog. It was such a great idea post like this so she can read all about herself when she is older hey! Congrats family!

Natalie H said...

Those eyebrows are the best!! Also her and Andrew are total twins! So precious!