Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Weekend!

happy halloween!!

hope y'all had the best weekend!
here are a few pics from ours :)

we had a blast trick or treating in our new neighborhood with our new friends!  the kids loved knocking on the doors and filling their buckets with fruit snacks, chocolates, and lollipops galore!  Ellie loved riding along in the wagon and just soaking it all in!  Andrew didn't want to take his fireman costume off at the end of the night - he though it was the coolest thing ever ;)


on saturday, we celebrated this cute baby's birthday!  annie and ellie are just 5 days apart!  it has been such a blessing parenting these girls with my dear friend courtney, and i know our babies will be the best of friends!!  

another big milestone in the family this weekend...
andrew is officially potty trained!  we are all SO proud - and he was thrilled to get treats and toys throughout the entire process!
(although i failed to realize this was halloween weekend, so his teeth very well may fall out in the next few days)  #candy24/7

also, these darling bow headbands arrived in the mail just in time for Fall, and they are just the cutest things ever!  the handmade bows are so soft and ellie actually keeps them on!  hooray!  go check out "little mint julep" on etsy!


one more pic - 3 generations!  
loved having my parents in town for such a fun week!
love ya, dad!

ok, we are off to ellie's one year appointment!  
wasn't she just born?!

here's us from last year!  ellie was one week old!

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Kristi Griedl said...

LOVE those costumes - especially your little Dalmatian and firefighter :)


Owen Davis @ Davis Duo said...

The sweetest costumes ever!! And will definitely check out those bows on etsy!

Emily {All You Need is Love} said...

thanks girls! the kids loved their costumes too! so much fun :)