Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Day at the Fire Station

This day may go down as one of Andrew's top 5 days of his 3 year old life! 
Possibly just after the day he became a big bro, or the day he got his very own "big boy bed"!  
Or maybe the day he discovered his love for doughnuts ;)

Andrew turned 3 right before Christmas, and for his special day, we decided to set up an "emergency" phone call to him from the local fire station.  The "fireman" on the other end of the line (my dad!), needed Andrew's assistance, and right away!  Andrew couldn't believe his luck, and hurried to get on his appropriate gear, as we hustled out the door!  

Huge thanks to the Memphis Fire Department for giving us the tour of the station!  Andrew was in toddler boy heaven :)  He loved every bit of it, especially holding the fire hose and climbing up into the driver's seat of the fire engine!  What a day ;) 

Up next, this boy's Fire Truck birthday party!  ;)


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