Thursday, February 16, 2017

Current Loves

Back with another "Current Loves", and this one is heavy on the shoes and the snacks :)
The staples, ya know.

First up...let me preface this particular item with the fact that I haven't actually worked out in these workout pants. 
But, hubby was kind enough to pick these out for me for Christmas... (apparently we like to passive-aggressively send messages to each other through our gifts.  I gave him a razor.  His beard had to go.)
So, I don't work out in these.  I do, however, chase the children, go to the park, run errands, eat ice cream, and watch The Bachelor in them.  And I love them.  They hold ya in, and they don't budge.  The lines are flattering, the quality is top notch, and the price is hard to beat.  And I am a bit of a legging connoisseur.

Champion Workout Leggings 

Ok, shoe time!  First up are these Fringe Sneakers.  I first saw them on Erika from Urban Grace Interiors, and I fell in love.  She mentioned that they were more like a sneaker and a run-around-town kind of shoe, which I love.  They may be a "love them or hate them" kind of shoe, but I for one, love them.  The pop of hot pink underneath the leather fringe is so fun, and I really do end up reaching for these on an almost daily basis.  (They are hard to find!  My sweet friend Brooke sold me hers, so I was lucky! I linked a few websites below with random sizes).


Sanuk Fringe Kat Shoes
(buy here, or here, or steal them from your friend's closet!)

More sneaks.  When I'm not reaching for my Fringies, I'm reaching for these!  I've only had 'em for a week, but they are my new fave.  So comfy.  So cute.  So affordable.  Another hard shoe to find - I linked them below, but shipping is unavailable at this time.  But stalk your local Target, and maybe you'll be lucky to snag them!  Don't hesitate - they are such a great find!  And I love the blush color for spring!

Dolce Vita for Target Slip On Sneakers

Another staple in my current wardrobe has been these skinny jeans.  I've loved the classic Rockstar jeans from Old Navy for years.  When colored jeans were all the rage, I think I owned them in every color (!).  Well now, they are even better than before...beCAUSE, they have a new magic sculpting power.  Don't ask me how it's done.  But it's awesome.  They are like denim Spanx.  And they are skinny all the way down to them ankles, which I gaping at any point.

Another great affordable find, and you can always find a coupon or sale going on so you don't have to pay the full price.  (They are a tad bit pricey for Old Navy.)  But I loooove these jeans.  I prefer a lighter wash in denim for spring, so I opted for the "Jolene" color.

Old Navy Rockstar Built In Sculpt Jeans (in "Jolene")

Now onto food and drinks.
I typcially am a La Croix gal, but I stumbled upon these sparkling waters at Target this month, and this flavor intrigued me.  I'm so glad I tried them!  They are so delicious, and I highly recommend!!
  And for some reason, the slim can makes me feel kinda fancy.
Image result for simply balanced peach sparkling water
Simply Balanced Sparkling Water
(ginger peach is delish!)

Have y'all boarded the Halo Top ice cream train yet?!
I was introduced to them just in the past 2 months or so, and I'm embarrassed to tell you how many pints I've gone through.  They are a "healthy" ice cream, packed full of protein and natural ingredients.  Super low in sugar and calories, you can eat an entire pint for 240-280 calories!  Say what?!  Not to mention, they're so yummy!
My fave is the peanut butter cup.
If you've tried them, whats your flavor of choice?

Image result for halo top ice cream

Halo Top Ice Cream 

One more snack.  I think I was hungry when I sat down to write this post.  Also, every day time I walk into Target, I'm greeted by six thousand neon bikinis, so I'm reminded daily often, that I need to start getting a little healthier with my snacking.  Thus I'm trying some new things, and wanting to share them with y'all!   These chips.  I found them at Target (has anyone noticed a trend?  I swear this post isn't sponsored).  They are delicious, filling, crunchy, healthy, and they come in tons of flavors and varieties.  I'm loving the sweet potato tortilla chips, and I think they have maybe 5 (super healthy) ingredients!  A guilt-free snack that I will definitely be repurchasing!

Way Better Snacks - Whole Grain Corn Tortilla Chips Sweet Potato - 1 oz.
Way Better Chips
(I love the sweet potato!)

And before I close,
raise your hand if your'e so pumped that Rachel has been named the next Bachelorette!  I heard the secret was leaked before it was going to be announced, thus ABC had to make the official statement at a bizarre time of the season.  I just think she's great.  So smart, charismatic, fun, out-going, and classy.  I of course love the diversity this will bring to the show, network, and fan base.  Already rooting for Rachel and her chance at love.
 I realize I sound super cheesy and this show is cray.
 I realize this.  But I watch.  Every time.

Image result for rachel bachelorette 2017

What are you CURRENT FAVES??
Clothing, snacks, TV shows, books??
Do share ;)

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Cat Simmonds said...

I just got those jeans at Old Navy for $15!! I am also kind of glad Rachel is the new Bachelorette! She's from Dallas, which I think is so funny because JoJo was the last one and also from Dallas, as was Sean lowe, and Jake Pavelka... being from Dallas, it makes it fun for me to watch!!

Annie said...

Can't wait for Rachel either! Wish I had scored those target shoes!!

Liesl said...

I have those leggings, aren't they the best! I hope you are well, Emily! :) XOXO