Sunday, June 5, 2011


I have done a "Currently" post before, but was just inspired again by Caroline over at Simply Smithwick,
and I thought it was time for another one!  :)

Current Playlist:

I'm addicted to Pandora...these are the "stations" I've been loving lately-
-Adele (so amazing)
-Ray LaMontagne (chill)
-Lada Gaga (for gym)
-Black Eyed Peas (driving w/ windows down)
-Hymns for Worship (I'm a traditional hymns kind of girl, and since I work on Sundays and can't make it to church, this allows me to worship on my own.)

Current Nail Polish:

On toes - "Geranium" by Essie

On fingers - I am switching between "Fiji" by Essie...

...and "Minted" by Revlon

Current Drink:

I recently was introduced (thanks Chels!) to a delicious beverage by Vitamin Water.
It is the Energy Citrus flavor and really does give me a great boost of energy (without tons of sugar or caffeine.)  It is great for a pre-workout drink, or even during the work day.  (And it's delish!)

Current Food:

Hmmmm, I have lots. 
But currently, for breakfast, it's Kashi cereal.

Lunch is tuna or chicken salad in a pita pocket, fruit, and baked chips.

And dinner, I have been on a major shrimp kick (shrimp cocktail, shrimp sushi, homemade shrimp scampi..ok now I'm starting to sound like Bubba from Forrest Gump).

Current TV Show:

I'm a reality show junkie, so right now I'm loving the new seasons of:
1. The Bachelorette (guilty pleasure)
2. SYTYCD (love this show, these dancers are incredible)

Current Wishlist:

Loose, blousy tops for summer
Neutral wedges

Mac Sheen Supreme Lipsticks

Current Needs:

The gym.

Current Triumphs:

Not getting a speeding ticket on the way to work this morning...
I was running a tad late :(

Current Bane of my Existence:

Allergy season, which is actually pretty much ALL seasons for me.
UGH. Hate it more than anything. 

Current Celebrity Crush:

JT. Always.

And also, I'd love to go on a date (just as friends, of you, hubby!) with SNL's, Seth Meyers...
so hilarious, and so cute!

Current Blessing:

My new sweet niece, who is a week old today!
Love you A.G!  Can't wait to meet you :)

Current Outfit:

Well, I'm currently wearing scrubs..BORing.
But I'm currently loving to wear my white skinny jeans paired with, well, anything.
My fave is probably a blousy top in a bright color, and fun strappy sandals.

Current Indulgence:

Normally I would say, something chocolate, but since I'm cutting out desserts right now, it is now mani/pedi's....ahhhhh bliss.

Current Excitement:

1. I'm going home tomorrow!  So ready to see my fam, bestie, and feel the sea breeze and sand in my toes.
:)  Can't wait.

 google images

2. Philadelphia with John in T minus 14 days.  Can't wait to explore the city together! :)

Current Mood:

Sleepy and hungry...
happy and blessed :)


I couldn't resist :)


Anonymous said...

hey! just came accross your blog, it's so cute! we have the same celeb crushes haha.
When you're in Philadelphia check out redding terminal market. It is a crazy market place a lot of tourists never see. I visited last summer and was amazed by all the fresh foods and interesting people.

You have a new follower! Can't wait to read more.

Tracy said...

SYTYCD is addicting! Glad I'm not the only one getting sucked in.

Anonymous said...

your hair looks gorg! saw it in PERSON today ! lunch was so amazing and i can't wait for din din!!! AHHHH! I love having my bestie home!!! xoxoxo

Meredith said...

SYTYCD is my favorite show and you got me addicted to Bachelorette, which means that I miss you right now 'cuz I'm watching all by my lonesome. Hope you have a blast in Pensacola. See you next week!

linds.eliz said...

I just booked a trip to Ft. Myers Florida in August. I can't waitttt!

Have fun!

natasha {schue love} said...

Seth Meyers was just in Tahoe...SO wish we had seen him perform! He is so so funny! :)

Kelly said...

My pandora gets a daily workout, it's so awesome. Try "Florence and the Machine" sometime.