Sunday, June 12, 2011


This past week, I think I spent about 24 hours either in an airport, or on a plane.  It got a little crazy there for a moment...plane delays, mechanical errors, cancellations, bad name it, I dealt with it.

So the negatives of that were: tired feet, lack of sleep, boredom, no snacks on the plane (boo, Delta), and $4 bottles of water from the airport.

The positives were: endless hours of entertainment from people-watching, 1 upgrade to first class, catching up on my magazines and books, and noting lots of fashion do's and dont's (there were a lot more don'ts).

So with aiport fashion on my mind, I thought I'd share some of my favorite go-to traveling pieces. I tend to dress "comfy/chic".... something comfortable, but cute too (no pajamas for me).

1. A cozy scarf (cute & stylish, and perfect for curling up with on the plane).

2. A ginormous carry-on bag, that can hold just about everything.

3. Eyeshades and earplugs (for red-eyes, or flights where you're seated next to "chatty Kathy", or crying babies)

4. Comfy shoes (Uggs/boots in the winter, flats in the summer)

Uggs  and Gap flats 

6. Entertainment:  Iphone/books/magazines galore (I don't sleep well in planes)

7. Chapstick/hand lotion (my favorites are below)

And now, some of my favorite fashionistas with comfy/chic airport style:


Sundresses and Smiles said...

Good tips...I love people watching and planes are the perfect spot for it!

Molly Rasmussen said...

I liked this post! My mom always told me to dress nice yet comfortable in airports and I think you hit all the important notes for fashionable yet comfy airport style :)

natasha {schue love} said...

GREAT post! A great scarf, flats and a good book is essential when traveling! Love the celeb inspiration too! OH and love your blog design! I think we're going to be great friends with all that we have in common! :)

bailey said...

gosh these celebs look glam all the time! i think it is nice to look good while traveling, it juts makes you feel better!!