Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Last weekend, my fabulous girlfriends threw an amazing bachelorette party/lingerie shower for our dear friend Meredith!  Mere and Cam are getting married this summer, after we all part ways (sniff sniff), so we had to get this shin-dig in the books before that!  

First up, 
Gummy Jellos - adorable and yummy!  
Can't go wrong with that ;)

Say cheeeeeeeese

Cutest "lingerie" inspired cookies made by Katie B!

Girls filling out their "advice for a happy marriage" cards

Us girls with the BRIDE-to-be!

Shelley, Me, and Caroline

Gorgeous Mere!

Mmmmmm, cookies.

And the whole gang before hitting the town!
It was a blast!  So happy for you Mere and Cam!

ANNNNND, here are a few more of my 1000 gifts that have been added to my growing list :)

5. Presents that took time and thought
6. Sunshine bursting in through open windows
7. Starbucks Iced Chai Tea Lattes
8. Feeling confident in my own skin
9. Singing my favorite hymns in Church
10. Having peace about a big decision that was made
(Sarah's list)

How was your weekend???


Meredith said...

Thank you for throwing me such a great party! I love these pics!

Liesl said...

What FUN! I love me some cheese...hehe...and how cut are those cookies!!! Loved this! :)