Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday happiness and 11 Questions

Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone has had a great week so far.  It sure is perfect weather here in NC -- I am loving it!  Today I plan to read by the pool, get a good run in, go shopping for a lingerie shower this weekend, and then I have my going-away dinner with my co-workers tonight!  So bittersweet :*( 

I'm a little behind on downloading recent pictures, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to participate in a fun post that Hilliary from Brunch and Cupcakes tagged me in!! 

Here are the 11 questions that she posted, and how I answered them!!

1: If you could travel anywhere in the World right this minute where would you go?
Oooooh, after seeing so many glorious, tropical beach vacations that my fellow friends/bloggers have been going on lately, I would definitely have to say Fiji!  Warm sun, toes in the sand, ocean, a good book in one hand and a mojito in another :)  Ahhhhh. Paradise.

2: Essie or OPI?
Eeeek, do I have to choose?  I'm going to have to go with Essie.  Fiji for the fingers (hmmmm Fiji is becoming a trend...) and Ole Caliente for the tootsies.

3: Where is your favorite place to shop?
With our current budget, H&M, J.Crew sales rack, and Target.  With my dream budget, J.Crew normal rack, Tibi, and Tory Burch.

Current Image
Tory Burch

4: What is one thing you are dying to buy this Spring?

I would really love some bright colored jeans, a colorful maxi dress, and a ruffled romper. 
Ok that's 3 things. 

Forever 21

5: Lipgloss or Lip stick?

Both.  Right now I am loving MAC Hue with Stila Kitten on top. 


6: Whats one thing you never leave the house with?

iPhone and chapstick

7: Whats your drink of choice?

A Mojito!  Or a frozen lime margarita! Or a Pina Colada...
I looooove summer drinks ;)

My Dad's famous Pina Coladas!

8: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

a BIG trip and a BIG move

9: What is your favorite food?

I have so many favorites.  I love breakfast food, like french toast and omelets.  And I love mexican food...bring on the quesadillas, chips & salsa.   Those sound kind of gross right after eachother.  But separately, those are my 2 favorite categories.  And my favorite sweets are Sour Patch Watermelons.  I could eat them everyday.

10: Whats one super power you wish you had?

I wish i could fly.  I literally have a "flying" dream on a weekly basis.  I absolutely love being in airplanes (my dad is a pilot) and I hate sitting in traffic.  So yeah... give me some wings, and I'd be a happy girl :)

11: Whats your dream job?

Honestly, I absolutely LOVE my job (Ultrasound Sonographer), and I think it is the perfect fit for me.  But ever since I was in middle school, I have wanted to be on Broadway - Les Miserables to be exact.  The role of Eponine.  Random, I know.  I also dream of being a wonderful Mommy one day :)

This was SO much fun!  Thanks again, Hilliary, for the tag!!

Happy Thursday, loves!!
 It's almost the weekend!!


Ioana-Carmen said...

Hy doll! lovely post! what do u say about following each other?:X

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

I ADORE these photos!! I'm here for the first time and I'm about to browse through some more posts... LOVE the look and feel of your blog! Have a fabulous weekend, sugar! xo

Liesl said...

I would love a pina colada right now! Yum! Oh how I love questions on blogs...I get to learn more about you! Yay! :)