Monday, June 4, 2012

Playin' in Memphis

Last week, John and I took off to Memphis, TN, to visit with family and friends, and also to attend his cousin's wedding!  It was a whirlwind week, filled with several days at the lake, catching up with friends over  BBQ, lots of frozen yogurt, and good ole family time.  We LOVED spending so much time with our sweet nieces and nephews -- being an aunt and uncle is seriously our favorite job right now :)


seriously - could he be cuter?

bro-sis love

i love my sis-in-law!

sweet baby AG


 :: BBQ dinner with friends ::

my fave

dessert with Cher!

Ahhhh, it was such a perfect week -- wishing I was back on the lake right now!
(eating bbq nachos too....)



Laurie said...

I saw a picture of your kindle and a cute polka dot carrier...ive been looking for a cover for my kindle fire and love that one! Where is it from?!

Katie said...

Hey Laurie!

Since Emily's away, I'll answer for you: She got her cover from Etsy at ElizabethDavidDesign. I have one and I have given them as gifts for my Mom, MIL, and sister. They all love them!

Liesl said...

First off, you both look like models, second, these pictures just exude happiness and cuteness, and third, now I'm hungry! ;)