Saturday, February 23, 2013

Easy Taco Soup

This Taco Soup recipe is one of our favorites, and super easy for a quick weeknight dinner.   It's also great when you're having company - because it can simmer as long as you want (while you serve appies or cocktails).  It is basically a pour and stir type of recipe - once you get your meat browned. 
It initially came from here, but I've adapted it some.  And somehow I always forget to take pictures 
of this!  So sawwwwy.  But you can probably imagine what it would look like - 
most taco soups look the same :-)

Easy Taco Soup

1 lbs Ground Beef or Ground Turkey
1/2 cup diced onion
1 packet Taco Seasoning
1 15oz Diced Tomatos undrained
1 15oz Pinto Beans  undrained
1 15oz Light Red Kidney Beans  undrained
1 15oz Whole Kernel Corn drained
1 10oz Rotel with Green Chiles  undrained
1 packet Ranch Dressing Mix

Brown ground beef/turkey with onion in pan.  Drain excess fat. Now for the complicated part....combine all remaining ingredients into large pot.  Stir in meat and onion.  Stir occasionally on medium/high heat.  Simmer for 30 minutes.  Serve with cornbread or tortilla chips.  
Enjoy!  :)

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Caitlin C. said...

This looks delicious!! I will definitely be making this :)

Laura said...

Sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


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