Sunday, June 30, 2013

Current Loves

This just MAY have been the longest break I've taken from blogging!  Y'all - I have been SO exhausted!  You always hear that you're going to be more tired when you are pregnant, but ohmygosh.  All I want to do is sleep.  And nap.  And NOT do anything else.  All this baby-growing is wearing this girl out.

But I'm back!  I've missed the blog world - writing and reading, and catching up with all of y'all.

I'm going to jump right back in and do a little post about what I'm currently besides going to bed at 8pm, these are 5 things that are rocking my world right now ;)

1. navy nails
usually I'm all about the bright corals and pinks on the nails for summer, but I think navy pops in a whole different way!  especially against tan skin, and when I'm wearing brighter clothing.

my fave - revlon "urban"

2. decorating my bookshelf
I've completely rearranged all my books in order of color, and I LOVE how it turned out!

And isn't this frame pretty?  It was a T.J Maxx find...$6.99!  

3. embroidered tops
these pretty blouses are everywhere right now, and I'm a huge fan!  I love the loose, (the looser the better with this growing bump!), and flowy look.  and they remind me of our recent Mexican vacay!

Collection pom-pom top

Eyelet peasant top

Étoile Isabel Marant Demie Embroidered Top

4. watermelon candy
these little guys are my current obsession, my mouth is watering just thinking about them!  if you like sour patch kids, you must try these babies.  so delish.  

5. baby love
this baby may need it's own mailbox soon!  we've been getting the sweetest cards, letters, toys and treats lately, and I'm just feeling so thankful and blessed!  

And just in case you were wondering if the bump was actually there.....

14 weeks!  Feeling great!

what are you currently loving?? do share!!

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Sunkissed and Southern said...

I love the tops!

Courtney Waterman said...

I love that navy nail polish! I will have to add that to my Target list!

Victoria said...

Congratulations darling! It is going to be a wonderful thing! You can tell in pictures that you are glowing!

And I have had a hard time with my bookshelves.. but I really like laying books horizontal and setting things on top. Thanks!

Have a wonderful 4th of July! <3

Biggest Love,
Victoria from Unlock Your World.
Have you unlocked your world?

Jayme and Mendi said...

Oh you look beautiful!!! Great current loves!! Navy polish is so gorgeous! Glad you are feeling great minus being so tired. :-)

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Tamara Gerber said...

Hi Emily,

Congratulations, I had no idea that you are pregnant :-)
When are you due? Are you excited?

Cheers from Switzerland - we just got back from our road trip, though:

Eloquently Emily said...

SO glad you are back and that everything is going well! Sour patch watermelons have been one of my favorite candies forever, seriously love them! Love the little bump and cant wait to hear more!

Mrs. Mess said...

Just found your blog and your bump is adorable. I never would have thought about the navy nails---but you are right, they look great with a tan! Trying them soon!

Nat said...

You look great- suc a cute bump!! Hope you're feeling good!

Jess said...

Creating a tiny human is definitely exhausting! I feel your pain! But I hear in the second trimester you get a second wind of energy! Let's hope it's true!

PS your bookshelf looks great!