Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Weekend

We had a fabulous Easter Weekend!  
Beautiful weather, a wonderful visit from John's mother, and a very special time celebrating with our precious boy :)

(and he celebrated by sleeping 9 hours straight, each night!)

Andrew is 15 weeks old!

I hosted Easter Brunch, and make some yummy treats!
I got this recipe book for Christmas, and used her Easter menu.
I made this (so good), these (so adorable), these (eh) , and this (amazing).

Also whipped up some of Gwynnie's muffins :)

PW Carrot Cake (no nuts)

Having Andrew's "Gigi" here was such a treat!  She babysat while John and I did super romantic things, like getting our hair cut :)  We did do a little shopping, which was quite a luxury without the stroller and baby in tow!

She is such an amazing woman - so grateful for her love and grace!  Andrew is so blessed.

We took a few pics after the Easter service at Church.  It was a lovely service (I spent some of it in the cry room - but still sang my heart out to some of my favorite songs (this one especially!)

Then we "gave" Andrew his Easter basket!  Which I had so much fun putting together :)

This one may have been for Mommy :)

I think he's a fan ;)

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!!

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Lauren said...

9 hours of sleep!? What a champ!! Looks like a great weekend!