Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekending: Sickness, Birthdays, and a Day in Philly

Goodness gracious, it's been a little while, but we are back!
Here today with a little bit of an update, and a weekend recap :)

I can't believe it, but we made it 9 whole months without a single cold, runny nose, or cough from the little guy.  Until this week.  Apparently our whole little group of baby friends all got the same cold, and it was no bueno.  And can I just be real for a second.  I am not a "booger" mom.  I'm gagging just typing the word.  But I pulled it together so I could take good care of the little guy all week, resting, napping, and of course lots of snuggling...I felt so sorry for him!
I mean how sad is this face?

(yep, he is carrying around his nose drops, such a big helper!)

(and the nose drops again)

We finally made it out of the house towards the end of the week, to enjoy this beautiful fall weather that is finally coming around.

I got to wear my first puffer vest of the season!  ;)

....and soon Andrew was feeling better again, back to normal!
(until I decided to give him scrambled eggs for the first time, and he had a reaction, and we had to immediately drive to the doctor's office in our pajamas and that's just a whole 'nother story)

But speaking of puffer vests...
Look at these adorable striped ones I found at T.J. Maxx!  So cute right? You better believe I scooped one right up!

This weekend we celebrated John's birthday!  It was so special, because Andrew got to be a part of all the festivities!  ;)

I made Creme Brulee for the first time (John's fave), and it was a success!  So delicious!
I used this recipe.

Saturday, we took a little road trip to Philadelphia for the day, and found the cutest BBQ restaurant on the way, which John absolutely LOVED!

After lunch, we explored the beautiful Morris Arboretum for the afternoon.  The leaves have just started changing colors here, and we had the best time enjoying the gorgeous gardens.

They had a whole section that was literally hundreds of feet up in the air, in the trees.
Swiss Family Robinson style.

It was a great week, and weekend!
Hope y'all had a good one too!

Check out lots more weekend updates over at Biana's blog!


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BLovedBoston said...

What a fun weekend - happy to hear your little man is feeling better but I can't imagine how scared you were with that egg reaction!! Looks like you guys had a fun time at the arboretum - those are always so beautiful to walk through!! And girl Creme Brulee - amazing!! happy Monday! xo

Classic Annie said...

You guys are the cutest!

Jillian Manesh said...

your vests are so cute!! xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a May Designs giveaway on cornflake dreams

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Ohhhhh TJMaxx for the score! Definitely heading there after work to see if I can find that.