Monday, November 3, 2014


I don't think I've had a better Halloween weekend, since I was a kid!  
Oh the joy of trick-or-treating!

We had a blast going around our neighborhood with our friends, and watching the babies experience Halloween for the first time.  The neighbors LOVED seeing such tiny trick-or-treaters...they even gave extra candy for the Moms and Dads ;)  

John loved showing Andrew the "spooky" house...
complete a graveyard, 

and a spider that moved up and down his gigantic web.

Andrew wasn't so sure about it ;)

We came home to check out the loot, and I think Andrew picked up each piece about 50 times just to see what this "candy" business was all about.  
As you can tell by his shirt - Andrew is all ready for the next big holiday!  ;)

Hope y'all had a fun and safe weekend!
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BLovedBoston said...

Oh he's just adorable!! I think the bright side to this holiday when you have such a little babe is that you get all the candy!

P!nky said...

Such a cute costume!

Annie {Home of Malones} said...

Andrew looked adorable and so did his Mama!! I'm a little embarrassed to admit that Courtney and I didn't even take our poor children to one house for trick or treating! #whoops #momfail