Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Chickens and Throwbacks

Happy Halloween!
From our little Chicken :)

We had so much fun dressing Andrew up yesterday for his first Halloween party.  It's one of those costumes that he'll probably look back at, and just shake his head at us.  A chicken?  Really, mom?

But we think it's pretty cute.

Hope y'all have a fun and safe night!  
We will be doing a neighborhood parade, and a little trick-or-treating too. 
Will be back Monday with a recap!  

(and just for fun...a little throwback to a few Halloweens past)

{2010 - Dukes of Hazzard}

{2011 - Hippie Chic}

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{2012 - Flapper Girl}

Can't believe that was last year - just waiting on that Lil' Pumpkin ;)

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Mree said...

That is one super cute chicken!! Happy Halloween.

Natalie H said...

That is the cutest chicken I've ever seen!! Love the throwbacks too

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Cute little chicken!!!

I love the flapper look. It's always my go-to :)