Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beach Trip: On the Boat!

We had two amazing boat days while in Florida!  The first one was a trip with the babies (Andrew's first boat ride!), and they both loved it!  Andrew loved it so much, he fell asleep an hour into it.  It was a beautiful day and we had a few sea life visitors, including a couple dolphin, four sharks, and a handful of jellyfish.


The second boat day was sans babies and we were off to see the Blue Angels air show at the beach!
The weather was perfect, and the show was even better!  We docked at Little Sabine and lounged and laughed the whole afternoon.  The Blue Angels were incredible - if you ever have a chance to see them, do it!  

I'm definitely already missing the salty air, the sea breeze, and the beautiful waters of Pensacola Beach, Florida!  Big thanks to our friends, The Smiths, for all the boating memories made on our trip home!

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BLovedBoston said...

This post makes me wish I was on the water instead of behind my computer!! I love how at ease your little guy is on the boat! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

Julie Wlodychak Borm said...

New reader here, adorable blog and family!

We are trying to find the right life jacket for our 15 month old. Did you like the one that Andrew was in? Would love any tips. Thanks and good luck with your pregnancy!

Julie from Everyday Happiness Blog