Monday, December 7, 2015

Meeting Santa...again

While John's mom was here visiting, we decided to really get into the holiday spirit and make a trip to meet Santa!  Andrew actually "met" him last year, but this is about how that went....

It's ok, he quickly recovered once he realized he was getting a present :)

So, maybe Andrew would love Santa a year later?  We decided to give it a shot :)
We made our way to the most adorable Christmas tree farm and quaint shop, and had a look around. 
This place was amazing!  A true winter wonderland.  It was so warm and cozy, and decorated so festively!  

We slowly made our way to Santa, taking pictures along the way...

After a few minutes of trying to convince Andrew that Santa was friendly and had toys in his bag for him, we resorted to a "family" pic atop Santa's very large lap!  Ellie of course was a perfect peach :)

Pictures with the Santa pillow were a bit more successful  ;) 

After Santa's visit, we explored the Christmas tree area, and let Andrew run around - a highlight of the trip for sure!

It was such a perfect day - definitely one that we will remember!  
Making all of these Christmas memories and traditions has been so much fun this year. 
So thankful for family and for the time we have together. 

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BLovedBoston said...

So glad it went better this time around - although last year's was great haha! xo, Biana