Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ellie - Two Months

Dear Baby Girl, 

This month has been so much fun!  You have "woken up" from that newborn sleepy stage, and your eyes could not be brighter!  You are wide-eyed and curious, and you love hearing new sounds.  Especially your own voice!  

The best part of this month was seeing your smile :)
It's just the sweetest thing in the world.  You are a very happy and content baby.  You hardly ever cry, but when you do, all it takes is Mama's cuddles to fix that little problem right up.  
You are a shining light - just like what your name means.  Our days are brighter and happier because of you.  It has also been such a joy to see Andrew become more interested in you these last few weeks!  He loves to "hold baby sister", and kiss your toes.  
This month you also got to spend time with Mimi, Papa D, and Gigi - they loved cuddling you and making you smile!  

Things you love: 
Cooing and hearing your own voice
Your swing
Sleeping at night!  We have gotten several nights of 8 hour stretches!
Being swaddled 
Watching Andrew play 

Things you don't love: 
Riding in the car
Getting buckled into your car seat
Getting dressed/undressed

10 lbs 5oz 
23 inches long 

We love you, sweet girl!
Happy 2 months!

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Owen Davis @ Davis Duo said...

Oh my goodness she is so so precious! Can't believe it has already been 2 months!

Annie {Home of Malones} said...

Such a beauty and I love that sweet dress. I can't believe we get to raise another baby basically the same age!! It's so much fun. She's just a doll. Come back and visit soon :)