Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Five

1. Stationery Love 

I'm a sucker for pretty paper, and these are two of my new favorite goodies.  The 2016 planner is from May Designs, and it is just a beauty. It's simple, compact, precise, and I love the personalized touch. The adorable note cards are from the fabulous "dollar spot" at Target.  If you're ever looking for me, you can find me there just about every other day :)

2. Toddler Favorites 
The month of December is a very exciting one around this house.  Not only is it Christmas (our favorite holiday!), but we also celebrate Andrew's birthday just two days before!
Here are some gifts Andrew has been loving ever since that magical week.
Thanks to Amanda, Mom & Dad, and Anne for these goodies!

Personalized Melamine Plate

3.  Sadlow Siblings 
Just because I love seeing these two together...I had to share my two favorite pics of the week.  Yes, we are still in Christmas jammies :)

Would you just look at her hand on his leg....heart melted.

4. Hair Accessories 
I need to know where you mamas of girls get your headbands/hairbands/bows/clips?  I am obsessed!
Love having a baby doll  I get to dress up!

5. Home Decor Instiration
So I think I just came up with a word.  Inspiration + Instagram = Instiration.
I don't know about you, but I love scouring Instagram accounts for inspiring photos of food, fashion, baby gear, and home decor.  Lately I've been hooked on these amazing home decor accounts.  Totally day-dreaming of these rooms!  If I just had the time/money/energy to give my house a total makeover!  Joanna and Chip Gaines - are y'all available? ;)

Hope y'all have had a great week!
Happy Friday!

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Christina Lea Loves said...

Love your planner!! Love how you dress you sweet doll of a little girl!

Annie said...

I love the No Slippy Hair Clippy bows bc they're soft on the back. Get them on Amazon.
Now I like Wee Ones because they make smaller bows and I'm ok putting the alligator clip in her hair now.
And of course April's bows for when they're a bit older!

K said...

My son has the same Santa pajamas (and wore them last night, lol). I love Target and stationary - I will definitely be on the lookout next time I go to the dollar section. I don't know if there is a Kate Spade near you, but the location near me has pretty postcards you can take without making a purchase. So whenever I'm near by, I stop in the store and take a postcard :)

Liesl said...

So cute and super fun! I hope your move was a success and that your new adventure is filled with wonderful memories and so much more! :)