Sunday, April 10, 2016

Soccer Studs and Sibling Love

Since having kids, I have realized that no one is truly going to love your own kids like you do.  It's just a fact.  But when those special people in your lives look at your kids pretty darn close to the way you do, it's a beautiful thing. 
We are so blessed by my brother, Brad, and his love for Andrew and Ellie.  For Christmas, Uncle Brad gifted Andrew with his very own soccer goal.  

{Fun fact: Brad and John (hubby) played on the soccer team at Samford University together and became friends while I was still a senior in high school, sitting in Physics class, day-dreaming about college boys :) Little did I know, my brother had already met the best one.}

Back to the Christmas gift.  Since it was freezing in Princeton during the holidays, we left the soccer goal in Florida and knew we'd be back in the spring to retrieve it.  And what a special day that was!  
Seeing Andrew run around with Uncle Brad, laughing and kicking, smiling, and falling down over and over again.  Andrew found it was much easier to just pick up the ball and throw it into the goal, but we will work on that ;)  He also referred to the ball as a "baskerball".  A combination of the only 2 sports he really knows about - basketball and soccer.   
It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful memory that I'll hold on to forever.  

Happy Siblings Day, to you, Uncle Brad.  Thank you for always loving us so well. 

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