Friday, May 27, 2016

Ellie - 6 Months

Dear Baby Girl, 
I don't really know how it's possible, but our love for you grows more and more every month!  Each new smile, each new coo or giggle.  A milestone reached, or a new skill achieved.  The more you interact with us, the more we fall in love with every teeny bit of you!  Your personality is shining and blossoming, and I can't wait to wake up each morning
(preferably after the sun comes up) to see what new ways you will wrap us around your tiny fingers.  You are truly a delight and joy, and have been the sweetest and most wonderful baby!  

This month, you celebrated Mother's day with me!  It was the most special day!  What an honor and privilege it is to be your mother.  I can't wait for the bond between us to grow and grow as you get older.  The relationship between your "Mimi" and I is one that I've always cherished and one that I hold so close to my heart. 
 I dream of the memories and experiences you and I will have together :)

You also visited the Zoo with friends and family, took a lot of walks in this gorgeous spring weather, were carried all over the city in the search of our new house, tried new foods (sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, and green beans), and got your first exersaucer, which you love! 

At six months, you are reaching for everything, pulling Mama's hair, putting anything and everything into your mouth, and you have begun to scoot!  You do a one-arm body drag, which is quite hilarious to watch.  You'll be crawling in no time!  

Things you love: 
"Scooting" across the floor  
Your Rock N' Play (still!)
Tummy and neck tickles, especially from Daddy
Mirrors and other babies! 
Bathtime and getting your hair washed

Things you don't love: 
The pack and play 
Sleeping through the night (you stopped this month!) 

15lbs 10oz 
26 inches long 
Sleep: 3 naps a day.  12 hours (and 1 feed) in the night. 

We love you so much sweet girl!
(And so does your big brother, who insisted on being a part of this photo shoot!) 

Happy 6 months!

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Luciana Saunders said...

awwn they both together are really cute!!! Bless them!