Monday, December 19, 2016

Gift Guide - Baby's First Christmas

If you are looking for a last minute baby gift or having a stocking to fill for your wee one, I've rounded up a few of my favorite items!  Some I have and LOVE (the moccasins and swaddle blankets), and some I've fallen in love with from afar :)
Either way, there are some great presents to be found for any little babe.

Gift Guide- First Christmas
1- the sweetest first ornament
2- I love this adorable bunny doll!
3- the coziest zip up sweater 
4- a touch-and-feel nativity book - perfect for tiny hands
5- a painted wood nativity set - perfect for years to come 
6- this etsy store has the best wooden animal toys 
7- musical instruments are always a great gift! 
8- these are our favorite shoes - a must have for a new baby or toddler!  
9- this knit lamb rattle is just the sweetest 
10- a pewter rattle is a beautiful keepsake gift
11- my favorite swaddle blankets - in the cutest prints!

what's a baby gift you love to give?  
Or a favorite you've received?


(And because the post is about Baby's First Christmas, I have to include a few pictures of my babies' first Christmases!  The first one was a pretty special one, as we brought Andrew home from the hospital ON Christmas Day!

And here's Ellie below, at 2 months old :)

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Annie said...

Oh my goodness, look at those baby dolls!!!

Love is all we need, All we need is Love said...

they are baby dolls ., adorable

they are real meaning of Love