Friday, December 16, 2016

Gift Guide - For the Guys

Alright - it's GUY TIME!  If you're anything like me, the guys are always the last ones I'm shopping for!  They aren't the easiest, and they always seem to just buy what they want throughout the year.  John's list is always empty at Christmas time, so I have to get creative and rack my brain ;)

Here are a few things I've found that I think would be great for guys - young and old!  
Some warm and cozy things, some classic staples, and a few fun things to make them smile!  

Gift Guide - For the Guys
1- a classic plaid button-down - always a great gift! 
2- this watch is simple and great for men young and old 
3- I know a fella who is getting this witty mug!  
4- this highly-rated versatile backpack is great for work or play 
5- for the beard-loving men, this grooming kit covers it all :)
6- these slippers are the very best slippers of all - a must!
7- love this mid-century bar tool set - a practical and nice gift
8- a Yoda alarm clock for your Star Wars fan- check! 
9- love this warm and cozy beanie 
10- a leather iphone case, with a card slot too! 

Guys are hard to shop for!  What's under the tree for the men in your life this year?? 

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