Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ultrasound Girls Dinner

I had the best evening with my ultrasound girls at Bahama Breeze last week! I have formed such a bond with these ladies over the past few years, and I will miss them dearly! Amy, Linda, and Heather were my classmates during Ultrasound school, and Tiffany is the wife of our only male student, Matt. The cute sugar-pie princess is Linda's precious little girl, C, who cheesed it up for us during our photo session. And the tiny bundle of joy is E, Amy's brand new baby boy. It was such a fun time, can't wait to have another reunion when I come back to visit!! xoxo

Amy and C

Me and Heather

Linda and C

cheesing it up :)

Tiff, Me, and baby E

Tiff and E

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Anonymous said...

awww emmie!!! so sad!! i've been wanting to call but know you're so busy. i'm going to call you today! xoxoxo love you!