Monday, October 4, 2010

Campout Crazies

Although I worked this weekend, I was able to partake in quite a few fun activities in between!!  First up, wine night with the girls at Becca's apartment -- it was so fun hanging out and sampling different wines (most from the wonderful Trader Joe's).  After several failed attempts at the self-timed photos, I ended up just getting this shot of some of the girls!  Thanks Becca for a great night!

Becca's adorable pup, Wembley :)

Next up, the Duke Campout, which is a 36-hour extravaganza for the Duke graduate students where they have to 'camp out' for a chance to get Duke basketball season tickets.  They have to make it through the entire weekend, and be ready/awake for random 'check-ins' periodically.  John's group rented a large RV and had a great time!  I was able to visit one night, and enjoy some of the festivities ;)

Some of the gals 

Me with Victor - our chef of the night!

John and John

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Kendall Marie Bennett said...

i want to take that pup home with me!!