Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friends, Food, and Fun

This past weekend, our wonderful friends from Memphis, Spencer and Katie, came in town to visit!  Spencer and John have been best friends since childhood, and we had such a fun time with them!  We ate lots of delicious food, showed them around Chapel Hill and Durham, went to Fuqua Friday (a huge dinner that Duke MBA puts on for family and friends of Duke students every Friday night), and of course had lots of laughs.
On Friday afternoon, my dear friend Jenny flew in for a family reunion, and we enjoyed lunch and shopping together.  We love having everyone in town -- thanks so much for coming!
Enjoy the pics -- they are a little out of order ;)

Walking around Brightleaf Square

Dinner Sat night at Chubby's on 9th Street

Bday party at Station 9 for Dan!
S, K, me and John at Dan's apartment
Playing dress-up at Urban Outfitters

Lunch on Friday at the delicious and fun Parker and Otis

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JMay said...

The food looks great! What a fun weekend w/ friends :-)