Monday, November 28, 2011

Me, A to Z


I saw this cute list on Liz's blog last weekend and I thought it might be fun to do!  It's basically a list of random things about me from A-Z.  If that sounds completely and utterly boring to you, then maybe click out and come back tomorrow!  But if you are interested in the slightest, keep reading!  And let me know if you do one on your blog, too! :)

A. Age – 27.

B. Bed size – King for sure.  I love all the wiggle (and snuggle) room :)

C. Chore that you hate – Dusting.  It makes me sneeze.

D. Dogs – Sanderson Cooper was my childhood buddy.  Now we are saving up for a Goldendoodle!
I mean, look how precious...


E. Essential start to your day – Since I work the night shifts 1/2 of the week, my start to the day is watching the Ellen Degeneres show, and having a ham and cheese omelet.  I STRIVE to also have a daily devotional 1st thing when I wake up.

F. Favorite color – Turquoise and Coral, it's a tie.  I love all things bright :)

G. Gold or silver – Tricky....I like both, but lately I'm loving gold.

H. Height – 5'5 (and a 1/2)

I. Instruments you play – I played the piano throughout my childhood.  I can still play "My Heart will go On" from Titanic....but for now, mostly I just whistle or hum.

J. Job title – Ultrasound Sonographer...and I love it!

K. Kids – Love them. Can't wait to have them!

L. Live – Currently, North Carolina.  John graduates from Duke in the spring, and we may be moving, but we don't know where yet! 

M. Mother’s name – Marie, aka. Mom, Momma, Marmie

N. Nicknames – Emmie, Emmie-lou, Em-cicle, Em (my favorite is "Peaches" though - love you hubs!)  

O. Overnight hospital stays – None that I can remember -- knock on wood!

P. Pet peeves – When people make "I" possessive.  For instance:  "Come to John and I's apartment." or "I just finished the photo album of Mom and I's trip."  HATE IT.  Also when people chew with their mouth open.  I'm guilty too. 

Q. Quote from a movie – "I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."  When Harry met Sally

R. Right or left handed – Righty Right

S. Siblings – Older brother, Brad!  Love him dearly.  He is an amazing person, and successful lawyer in Florida, and he's single.  Email me for more information :)

T. Time it takes you to get ready – Hmmmm, that depends if I have to wash my hair.  I've been loving dry shampoo lately, so if I'm using that, then 30 mins!

U. Underwear – I don't really know how to answer this one..... I love Victoria's Secret underwear - they are the best!

V. Vegetable you hate – Tomatoes.  Well technically they are a fruit. 
So maybe cauliflower?  They are so boring.

W. What makes you run late – My hair.  That's why I love dry shampoo so much!  ;)

X. X-rays you’ve had – No X-rays.  But CT's of my head for sure.  Boo sinuses.

Y. Yummy food you make – My favorite dish that I can do in my sleep is Lasagna Bolognese.  My favorite sweet would have to be peanut butter brownie pie.  Ok, now I'm hungry.

Z. Zoo animal – Monkeys.  They always seem to be having so much fun!

Ok, that's it!  I'm amazed if there is anyone who actually stayed intrigued long enough to get to the end :)  Are there any of you who have some of the same random facts as me??



Elle Sees said...

don't like tomatoes either, unless they're in sauce. my body breaks out in ulcers/blisters when i eat anything w.vitamin c.

ally (the ruffled lace) said...

i was very intrigued! i like this idea....may borrow it for a post later this week! p.s i love dry shampoo too:) have the same one as you....and the line from when harry met sally!

Emily said...

First, that goldendoodle puppy is ADORABLE!!! I use the same dry shampoo, love it! It's much better than the more expensive dry shampoo which makes it even better! Love this post, I may steal it for a post this week :)

megan said...

I had no idea that's what you did for a living! How cool! And yes, big fan of dry shampoo. What a life saver.

Liesl said...

Always loved the A-Z posts and that you added pictures! Super fun and I love that "When Harry Met Sally" quote!

Liesl :)

Kristin said...

love that quote from "when harry met sally." it is one of my favorite movies!! :)


alicia said...

adorable list! love letter 'E'.

Megan said...

Ahhhh, I've been totally loving my dry shampoo lately, too!! Haha!! And I also hate dusting. It just comes back in a day or two!!

Dana said...

dry shampoo makes life in the "12 hour shift nursing world" so much easier! and really...combining my 2 favs of PB and chocolate...must try now!!!

Courtney B said...

Ok.... you are adorrrrable!! Loved this post :) Your job? Sounds amazzzing. And I could dust every day, just don't make me clean a toilet! Nasty!

Sassyrae said...

I just stole this and used it for a post on my blog! I think it's a great idea! And the dry shampoo has to be the best invention ever!!