Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh Hey!

Oh, hey blog!  It's been too long.  One post a week just isn't gonna cut it.  I'm slacking, I know.
You see, with my new shift at work (NO MORE WORKING WEEKENDS!), I am taking full advantage of spending all my free time hanging with the hubs and friends.  And taking naps. 
So I've neglected the ole blog a little. Sawwwy.

Speaking of neglecting, I also have not been working out much here lately, and my elliptical machine reminded me of that, when it beat me up yesterday.  I was trying to jump off with it still going, to run get some water, and one of the pedals slammmmmmed into my shin.  I literally fell to the floor and tears instantly welled up in my eyes.  It HURT!


I'm better now though, but is it bad that I don't really want to get back on the elliptical? I'm skerrrred.
(And I'd rather just watch Ellen and eat my weight in Cheezits. 
Hey, they are reduced fat, so that's kind of like working out.) 

So now that I'm back to blogging, I need to update all my fabulous readers my Mom on things here in the beautiful state of NC.  John has been working so hard at school, and is still recruiting for jobs next fall.  It is definitely an exciting time for us, as we will find out soon where our journey will take us next! 
We are confident in the Lord's plan for us, and pray that we will trust Him completely with this next phase of our lives.

I've been cooking lots, and of course baking!  Some of my recent faves have been:

Gnocchi - 1st time making, so good!

Chicken/Spinach Pasta bake

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies - not so pretty, but oh so yummy

Spaghetti Squash with Chicken and Veggies


I had one of my BESTIES come visit 2 weekends ago, which was fabulous!!  Aubs traveled from Nashville to NC, and we had the best time shopping, eating, exploring, and catching up. 
Here are some pics from her visit!  Thank you Aubs for coming!!

Shopping for her baby registry (!!) at PB Kids

Getting our "winter" on at Gap

More shopping

Best brunch EVER at Parker and Otis

Duke Campus - gorgeous

Pizza at Pop's 

She introduced to the "Fave Reds" and now I'm addicted ;)
We had SUCH an amazing time!!  See you soon Aubsie!!

And last weekend, I packed up my bags, my Swedish Fish, and my newest book on tape (Breaking Dawn), and headed off on a mini road trip to Atlanta to visit some more of my BFF's! 
But since I want to have more than 1 blog post a week, I'll save the stories and pictures from that little adventure for my next post!  So stay tuned!



Liesl said...

You are adorable and I can't wait for all the recipies to come...that chicken and spinach pasta bake looks divine!!! What a fun trip with your best friend from Nashville to it and all the pictures! Sorry to hear about you fall and hope you feel better soon and have a Wonderful Week ahead! Oh and can I just tell you how much I love that you love Swedish Fish fav! Can't wait to see pics from your other adventures soon!

Liesl :)

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

OH all those dishes look amazing! Can't wait for the recipes! I hope you have a wonderful start to your week!