Monday, January 16, 2012

Wedding for 2, and getting the "flu"

 After a wonderful week in TN after Christmas, it was time to celebrate the marriage of our dear friend Richard to his beautiful bride, Taylor.  John was a groomsman, and we had the BEST weekend!  There was dining and dancing, cocktails and cake pops, reuniting with old friends, and renting 2 beautiful dresses for the events!

The rehearsal dinner was at the Hunt and Polo Club, and was absolutely gorgeous.  The food was fantastic (steak and lobster) and the toasts were wonderful.  We had such an amazing night.
(And I LOVED my Tibi Lace dress from Rent the Runway!  I didn't want to send it back!)

court and mckee

handsome hubs

john with the groom!

memphis girlfriends!

Next up, was the gorgeous wedding and reception at the Memphis Country Club. The flowers were stunning and the food again was delicious!  (John and I especially loved the amazing peanut butter cake pops - oh my.)
And my dress for the wedding/reception was the Badgley Mischka Emerald  Ruched dress, another RTR success!

beautiful mercury glass

handsome boys 


newlyweds dancing :)

instagram photo w/ our beloved cake pops


It was a magical weekend, and I was so thankful to attend all the events feeling wonderful...because the next day, I came down with the most horrible "stomach bug".  The stomach bug actually ended up being my gallbladder -- which we later found out was inflamed and filled with gallstones....
post to come on that "adventure!" 

Happy Monday!

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Liesl said...

Oh no, getting the flu is never fun...2 of my friends currently have it, but not the gallbladder thing...oh my! Thinking of you and hoping you get better soon!

On a happy note, you look amazing in both your dresses and what great jewel toned colors for you! Looks like a fun time all around and your and your hubby are truly adorable together!

Liesl :)

Annie said...

The dresses are gorgeous on you!

I "pinned" the picture of the flowers to my wedding inspiration. They are gorgeous and I think they'd be perfect for an entranceway arrangement at our wedding.

Hope you're feeling better!

Tabitha Lynn said...

I need to check out RTR it sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're stunning, looks like a great time.


Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

I hope you feel better soon!

The wedding and your weekend sound absolutely wonderful! I love the navy lace dress you wore. I don't blame you for not wanting to send it back! You look beautiful!

Michelle P said...

I loooove RTR! Love your dress.

Shana said...

You looked gorgeous in both dresses. And I can totally sympathize with your gallbladder issues. My brother and I both had to have our gallbladders removed this summer. It is definitely its own kind of "adventure."

Natalie said...

You look fabulous in both of your RTR dresses! How fun!

And so sorry about your gallbladder, glad it's over and you're ok!

megan said...

Loving your RTR selections! Looks like a fun wedding weekend!

Caitlin C. said...

I love your dresses both nights!! Gorgeous :)

Marie Rowe said...

You look gorgeous in BOTH RTR dresses! You and John make quite a nice couple!!

Jill @ ACharmedLife said...

RTR saves me so much money, but ensures I don't skimp on fashion :) I LOVE your tibi dress! too cute :) Looks like you had a great time!!