Saturday, January 28, 2012

Currently I am...

I like to do these posts every now and then, just to share what I'm up to these days!!
See here and here for previous "Currently" posts :)

Right now I am Currently....

Listening to:

Wearing (for makeup):

Bobbing for Baubles

Fave Mascara - Maybelline Falsies

Just tried this foundation - am a big fan!


Whole Foods Sparkling Sodas -- Yummmy 
Frozen Yogurt - always.

Finding surprise stashes of money in secret wallet pockets!


For tonight - Crock pot Teriyaki Chicken


Peanut Butter Chocolate Dessert Recipe
Peanut Butter Oreo Pudding Trifle
(made this last night - delish!!)


Almost finished with the 3rd book --- so amazing!!

Just got these 2 books in a care package from my aunt -- can't wait to start them!


Orange Southwest Print Knit Open Cardigan
Windsor Southwest Cardigan - $29.90

Old Navy Jade Scarf - $14.94

Old Navy Snakeskin Flats - $22.50




via google images


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best style ever

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diy chalkboard wine glasses

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spinach, sun-dried tomato omelet

(All via my Pinterest)

Dreaming of:


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Counting the days until:


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

(and my birthday - May 6!)

What are you currently loving, watching, or counting the days until??  Do share!!



Penny said...

Love the concept of your blog. Hope you enjoy my crock pot teriyaki chicken. And I hope you get to Paris. We are going this summer.

Emily said...

I just got the Old Navy loafers...and LOVE them! They are taking a few wears to really wear them in to where they aren't KILLING my feet though! If you get them I suggest that you don't wear them for long the first few times :) I am watching revenge too. It is my favorite. I just hate that it won't be on until Feb 8 :(

MK said...

LOVE sparkling sodas! I actually like Whole Foods' sparkling strawberry flavored water. How did you like The Hunger Games?? I didn't like the third book until the last 60 pages.

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

I definitely need to try out that pomegranate sparkling soda! sounds delish!!

I would be PRETTY stoked too to find $100 in a secret pocket!!

Yay! for the Bachelor tonight!!

Meredith said...

I am going to try that teriyaki chicken recipe tomorrow and MUST put Hunger Games on my reading list. I've heard such great things. I'm counting the days until my birthday, too (May 4th). We should celebrate together :)

Ashley Nicholas said...

Just found your blog through Vineyard Loveknots! Subscribed, can't wait to keep reading :)