Thursday, March 8, 2012

Guest Post - Fairytales Are True

Happy Thursday!!
To kick off my week of guest bloggers, we have the LOVELY Sarah Tucker from Fairy Tales are True!!  She is a dear friend, SUCH a sweetheart and her blog is absolutely AMAZING.  Be sure to check it out to follow Sarah's life in sunny Florida, as she works as an event planner, crushes on her hubs on a daily basis, and is mommy to fur-baby Lola :)


Hi All You Need is Love's Readers!
i'm Sarah Tucker, a real life friend of Em's- i can vouch that she is really that gorgeous and has incredible style!
 I am delighted to be here while Emily is away on her awesome roadtrip!

what are your top two favorite cities you have traveled to (and why)?
This is so tough for me to answer.  I think every single place we went, we always came back and said it was our new favorite.  But I have to say two reign supreme still!
#1: Positano, Italy!
To me, this is heaven on earth.  Breathtakingly beautiful, the ocean, and italian food

Never have I felt more like I was inside of a fairytale than here. 

what 2 cities are next on your bucket list to travel to?
Santorini and I will stay here!

Halong Bay via

what simple thing makes you the happiest?
Coffee dates, my mom's cooking, snuggling, brunch, daily walks, snail mail, a new magazine... simple things are the best.  

what's a guilty pleasure that you have?
I seriously LOVE to watch abc family tv shows... my husband calls them my teenage soaps. 

is there a celeb that you would love to trade closets with?
Olivia Palermo in a heart beat

bold lips, or nude gloss?
nude gloss

favorite movie of all time?

you're invited to a last minute pot-luck...what's your go-to dish/dessert?
a lemon cake

what's one item that you can't leave home without?
my planner

name 3 key pieces that every girl should have in their closet.
a little leopard, nude heels, and a good pair of jeans

Thanks for having me Emmie!!  


Kristina said...

lovely spots sarah! you would love halong bay, it is amazing!! and I would so want to try your lemon cake one day :)

Cait said...

omg these are great photos and i would love to go to balong bay! how pretty :) great blog too girl!

Blossom Lounge said...

Love Miss Sarah! Great questions too! Love this feature :)

christine donee said...

I second the good pair of jeans.. great photos Sarah!

Liesl said...

Oh how I adore her and her blog...such a great group of questions! Yay! :)