Thursday, November 15, 2012

Looks For Less

I've had my eyes on this cute little striped, peplum number from J.Crew for awhile now, but I couldn't quite justify the almost $60 price tag....

Peplum stripe top

So when I came across this look-alike top from Tobi, I was so excited to see that it is on sale for just $30, 1/2 of the J.Crew price!  

But definitely check out Tobi, if you haven't already - really cute clothing, and they add items everyday!
For 50% off your first item, click here.

A few more look-alike items I've found -- see if you can tell which is more, and which is less :)

Zigzag sequin dress

SparkleShift Dress $47


Pinned Image

Anna Sui Lace Dress ($450) & Delores Shift Dress ($44)

Do you like to hunt down looks for less - or would your rather just splurge on the "real deal"?
And have I made you a fan of Tobi yet??  ;)  I'm now swooning over that polka-dot sweater....



Anna Keller said...

Cute! All the less expensive items were actually my favorites. Thanks for this great post!

Liesl said...

You know I love a Look 4 Less!!! So FUN!!! :)

Gebelik said...

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