Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trader Joe's Faves

I swear I could probably spend an entire day in Trader Joe's.  I love searching the aisles, finding new treats, and then bringing them home to enjoy with hubs.  Lately, I have found some real winners and I thought I would share!  These have been staples in our house, and I find myself wanting to make a daily weekly trip to TJ's specifically for these items.

Quinoa and Black Bean Tortilla Chips
These are my new favorite chip - crunchy, crispy, so flavorful, and packed with healthy ingredients!

Reduced Guilt Pita Chips
I think I could eat this entire bag in one sitting, they are so delicious!  Salty and bite-sized, and they go perfectly with the dip below.

Spinach and Kale Yogurt Dip
This tastes sinfully bad, just like your favorite spinach dip, but it's made with greek yogurt and healthy greens!  So delish.

Frozen Brown Rice
This is the easiest side ever - and we have it at least once a week with the chicken below, or Salmon.  Just microwave a pouch for 3 mins - and it is good, y'all!

Mandarin Orange Chicken
These are supposedly the most popular freezer item at TJ's. And there's a reason. Just add rice to this quick and yummy dinner!

Spicy Chai Tea Latte
The easiest little drink to make - just add water and then milk!  I like it over ice the best...just be sure to stir stir stir it up!!  :)  

Gone Bananas - Chocolate Covered Bananas
The perfect little sweet treat for after dinner...or any time :)

(all via google images)

What are your Trader Joe's must-haves??


Samantha Green said...

we don't have trader joe's in england but i love popping in when i'm visiting the boy in california :) xx

Caitlin C. said...

Okayyy so I have to head to Trader Joe's tonight after work. This post literally made me drool!!

megan said...

I've been meaning to do a post about my last big trip to TJ's. Found a lot of yummy things. I did pick up the spinach and kale dip and I wasn't blown away like I wish I would have been. But then again, I'm a pretty picky eater..

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

There's one a few blocks from work, which sort of makes me not purchase the cold and frozen stuff since I need to store it all day...but I do love mostly everything I've gotten from there when I've had a chance to pop in.

I'm dying to try those chips now!

Megan said...

We don't have a Trader Joes :( and I've never been to one :( I want to though!

Anna Keller said...

Kevin and I love the Valencia flax seed peanut butter, pork gyoza, and the dark chocolate covered power berries. Yum! SO glad our town FINALLY has a TJ's now.