Monday, May 5, 2014

April Favorites

Happy May!!
Wanted to hop on and share some of the things I've been loving over the past month!  
There's a mix of hair, beauty, TV, food, and clothing, so take your pick!

Macadamia Deep Mask - 8.5 oz

I have heard lots of good things about this masque, so I picked up the smaller size of this at Ulta.  I am in love!  A little goes a long way, and it leaves my hair feeling SO soft, luxurious, easy to manage, and tangle free!  I tend to use cleanse my hair just 2-3 times a week, so I usually use this each time.   

I have been a fan of this product for awhile now, and I love both the concealer, AND the brightener.  I've been wearing it every day (when I wear makeup), and it really helps with dark circles, and brightens the eyes so much.  This is a staple beauty product for me, that I will definitely be repurchasing over and over! (And it's cheap!)

Well this ain't cheap, but it is pretty amazing.  Over the last year, I've been actually taking care of my brows and filling them in (they're pretty light), and it makes SUCH a difference!  Who knew?
I used a MAC powder for awhile, but was introduced to this recently, and it's changed everything.  The tinted wax is soooo thin and easy to use, and provides a natural and lasting look.  It has a spoolie too, which helps shape them perfectly.  
I live in these babies.  They are SO beyond comfortable and cute too.  They work for nursing because you can just pull them to the side.  I used to just sleep in them, but now I wear them all the time with tshirts and tanks.  VS runs sales on them all the time - try one next time!

Women's Linen Drapey V Tee

Women's Linen Drapey V Tee

Another item I've been living in the past month are these drapey tees from Target. I have them in the white and gray, but they also have them in many other colors.  They are SO comfortable and have that kind of heathered/worn look to them which I love.  They are long too, and the V is not too low - just perfect.  And they are only $12!  I wear my white one at least 3x a week :)
Tory Burch Large Logo Stud Earrings

I got these earrings last year for my birthday, and they are such an easy and classic pick for me!  I tend to pair them with everything, and they are not too fussy.  They look good with a tshirt and jeans, or even a fancy dress or outfit!  Love these!

Factory classic chambray shirt

These are my fave, and now that I can actually button mine again, they have been my go-to shirt for casual or cute occasions.  I pair it with these  (in Lime) for running errands or a lunch date, and then at night with skinny jeans and wedges, or a feminine skirt like this or this
More shirts - this one, or this one :)

Y'all, this show.  So good!  I just started Season 1 on Netflix, and I am flying through!  It is a real and raw show, navigating through one families ups and downs, complex relationships, and love for each other.  The character development is so good, and I find myself laughing AND crying during EACH episode.  Highly recommend!  

Sweet and Sour Chicken - made tonight, SO good!!

This recipe has been a favorite, and I think I made it every single week this month!  Easy and delicious and tastes just like takeout :)  I usually make brown rice and roasted broccoli to pair it with.  Yum!

Had to throw in a "Mommy" favorite!  These bamboo swaddle blankets are incredible!  The softest and lightest blankets ever and perfect for these warmer months ahead.  We use them for everything -covering the car seat, wrapping in swaddles, laying on the floor or crib, and I swear I'm gonna wear it as a scarf one of these days :)  They are that cute!

Those are my faves of the month!!  
Anything you've been loving??

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BLovedBoston said...

I have those TB earrings and totally agree that they match almost everything!! I've heard so many great things about the Macadamia deep repair masque - may have to pick one up soon! Happy Monday!

Ally {Life as I know it} said...

Do you worry about your nipples with the bralettes? Sorry I know that was blunt but I've always wondered!! Mmm sweet and sour chicken! I have a few of those Target tees as well and they're the best! Love my chambray top I wear it with everything!

Kristen said...

oooh i just bought the maybelline stuff and LOVE it!

Lauren said...

Love those VS bralettes as well, super comfy with t-shirts while lounging around!


preppylove said...

I've been REALLY wanting those tory logo earrings!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

that chambray shirt you posted is my FAV i live in that shirt even during pregnancy and now with needing easy access for feeding it is a must in my wardrobe! and i need those bralettes

scarlett B said...

thanks for sharing my sweet and sour chicken recipe! so glad its one of your favorites too!

Eloquently Emily said...

I used to use that cover up all the time and absolutely loved it! I ran out one day and tried something else that did not quite live up, definitely need to switch back! Love all your other fun favorites!

Pink and Fabulous said...

Great picks!! Aden and Anais blankets really are the best - I wish they made them for grown up bedding! I need to get those Target tees and the VS bralettes asap!! Happy Monday! xo

MakeMeUpMia said...

The Macadamia Deep Repair is a staple in my shower. I hate how expensive it is but it works, so it's worth the splurge for sure ;)I love those earrings, now I want them haha.