Saturday, May 24, 2014

Florida Vacation - Part 1!

Well, our first trip with baby was a major success!!
We flew Southwest (love!) to Pensacola, Florida, stopping through Nashville on the way there, and back.  
Andrew was such a champ :-)

He slept EVERY flight - I think the humming of the plane really helped, as well as feeding during the descent and landing.  Also, we were able to get a seat for him with no extra charge, so we could take his car seat on.  
(I plan to do a little "Flying with Baby" post soon!)

This is before we even took off on our first flight!  Happy Mama!  

We arrived to my hometown on Mother's Day (my first one!), and we were greeted with beautiful flowers (thanks Andrew!), and a wonderful dinner al fresco with my sweet fam. 

Day 2 was beach day!  And the most glorious beach day ever!
And we spent the day at the VERY spot that John proposed.....
7 years ago!

It was so fun to see Andrew at the beach for the first time!
The "beach vacation" is definitely a different one with kids, but oh so sweet and special!

My boys - my heart.
He LOVED the sand!

And the water, too!

Andrew's is so lucky to have his Mimi and Papa D live at the beach!

That night we celebrated my birthday with friends and family - and my best friend got to finally meet Andrew!  So special!  

We had a delicious Mexican fiesta with some of my favorite recipes:

Such a fabulous day filled with sun, sand, family, friends, and good food.
What more could you ask for?!  ;)

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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Nat said...

Way to go Andrew!! Way to make traveling easy for Mom and Dad! Looks like a great trip home- going to read part 2 now