Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bath Baby, and Eczema

This little one is going through a rough patch.  Or should I say some "rough patches".
Yup, our pediatrician confirmed that he's got some eczema, and it's no fun!
It started on his neck/face area, and now it's showing up on his arms and legs at the folds (elbows/knees).

I wanted to get some input from any of y'all who have been through this with your little ones.

We have just switched to this wash,

and this lotion, (after trying a few different ones with no improvement)

Has something in particular worked for you?
Any recommendations?
Did they "outgrow" it?  

Advice, suggestions, and encouragement appreciated!!

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Nat said...

Miller had a very mild case of eczema and the first suggestion was to only bathe him every 3-4 nights- I had been doing it every other. Then we just kept using our johnson and johnson baby wash but I used California baby lotion- it's all dye and chemical free and it worked really well for us. I believe Miller's was from the season changing because he didn't get it until it got really cold here. I have really bad eczema myself and Aveeno has never worked for me so I never tried it on him. Good luck!

Sasha Savy said...

My daughter only had the slightest patch of eczema and I used The Honest Co. healing balm and it cleared it up in no time. Sometimes I find that most washes/lotions with a ton of chemicals will irritate skin issues (like my own dermatitis). We use The Honest Co wash and have never experienced eczema other than that little patch. Perhaps a more natural product would be less harsh on the dry skin. Hope it clears up soon! :)

Rachel Easley said...

Isla has it! We actually just got off of a prescription strength hydrocortisone that worked really well. It soothed her itchy skin and took a lot of the redness away. We use the Avenno Eczema products. And I slather her in Aquaphor. I think she just has a mild case because it seems to be almost completely gone. But about a month ago her skin was looking really bad.

Tamara Gerber said...

Hey! I don't have any recommendations for you, but let me say, that little boy is looking mighty cute in his bathtub! Hope he's getting some relief!

stephie1010 said...

Emily, I've tried just about everything and so far the best combo for Charlie is Desonide Rx steroid ointment, coconut oil, and aquaphor. Charlie's is allergy related so actually bathing her more often (every other night) has been working better than every 3-4 nights. I've tried all the Mustela, Aveeno, CA Baby, and Well, basically every product recommended my the National Excema Association, the Cetaphil is okay for her too. Honest Co Healing balm has worked for some friends as well as Rodan and Fields Soothe line. I am now cutting out foods that trigger her allergies. And adding probiotics. If you try everything, I recommend seeing an allergist,

Mrs Barker said...

My little girl has a mild-moderate case and what has worked for us is a bath every other night with lukewarm water (recommended by our peditrician) and only using soap/shampoo once a week. We use the Aveeno eczema wash and Aveeno shampoo. I use cetaphil cream (the kind in the tub) twice a day (or more if she's having a flare up) and then before bed I also apply aquaphor over the top of the cetaphil in the folds of her skin where it tends to be worst. If she has a flare up, our peditrician recommended over the counter hydrocortisone 1-2 times a day on the red areas (just not the face) for 3-5 days. I also switched our laundry detergent to All Free and Clear and added an extra rinse when I wash her clothes and no fabric softener. So far we've been doing the above for about a month and seen a huge improvement. Good luck!!

Sarah said...

Try a hard lotion bar, such as one from MadeOn. They have a BeeSilk bar, AuChocolat (that smells like chocolate ... yum!), and BeeSilk Jr - which is easiest to spread on soft baby skin. I do the design for them but also really appreciate their products for skin ailments. Totally natural, real ingredients.

Jennifer said...

My oldest had eczema really bad as a baby. Our dermatologist recommended using CeraVe cleanser (extremely mild) when bathing and CeraVe cream on her skin after the bath. CeraVe is awesome and isn't greasy like a lot of other creams. As she got older we switched from CeraVe Cleanser to Dove sensitive bar of soap.

Make sure the bath water is not too warm, it dries out their skin and pat them dry with a towel. You want to make sure you put on the creams/lotions as soon as they get out of the bath when their skin is still damp.

Emily {All You Need is Love} said...

thanks so much to everyone for the advice and feedback!! it really helps knowing I am not alone in this struggle!! y'all are the best :)

Bob Nelson said...

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