Friday, May 15, 2015

Gender Prediction - Baby #2

We find out tomorrow what we are having!  We are going to the OB office that I used to work for, and my girlfriend will be doing my scan.  
Later on, we are going to have a big BBQ and gender reveal!  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!  
And I have NO clue what we are having - I'm going to be surprised no matter what!

So here's what the ole wives tales are telling us....
(Thank you Ally for this idea!)  

Morning Sickness
They say that the sicker you are, the more likely it is you're having a girl.  With Andrew, I was hardly sick at all, maybe a couple of times.  With this pregnancy, I have only NOT been sick a few times!
So looks like it's a GIRL for this test.

Pencil Test
This test is crazy.  The pencil went from not moving at all to moving like crazy! 
But no circles, here.  Mine with straight back and forth, over and over.  
That's the sign for a BOY.

Baby's Heart Rate
Supposedly if it's less than 140 it's a boy, and if it's greater than 140 it's a girl. We've been 150, 148, and 156, so according to this theory it's a GIRL.  And my best friend swears this theory is correct - we will see!

Girls supposedly steal your beauty, and boys just bring out your beauty even more. 
I had some acne early on, but it's totally cleared up already.  So I'm going to call this one a draw.

If you sleep on your left side, it's a boy. Sleep on your right side, it's a girl.
I never sleep on my right side, it's either my left side or my back.

Food Cravings
Salty cravings mean boy and sweet cravings mean girl. I would much rather have chips and dip and Mexican food all day long.  No sweet tooth here. But with Andrew, I wanted a doughnut (and may have indulged) every single day!  So I'm not sure about this one.  It's completely opposite for me, which would mean GIRL, but the test says BOY.

Chinese Calender

My Gut Feeling
It was a boy right when I found out, but it's switched to a GIRL ever since!  John also thinks it's a girl.
I really have no clue - but will be THRILLED with either!  

BOY = 4
GIRL =  3

Any guesses?

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bella said...

I say girl but you are blessed either way!

Annie said...

I say girl! Can't wait to hear! Post on Instagram if you can!

Stephanie said...

How exciting!! Can't wait to see which it will be!

Nat said...

Can't wait to find out! I'm thinking girl but my pregnancies were so different with both my boys too but if your gut says girl than I think it's a girl!

henning love said...

hm... I really want a girl for you because your girl will be just the cutest and most well dressed thing ever but I think boy. Cant wait to hear the results!!!!

Claire said...

I'm alway so bad at the guessing game, but I do now one thing I like it's 50/50 either that's good...hahaha. Either way it is such a blessing!

God bless,
XO, Claire